SoCalGas - Consulting Services
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Consulting Services

In addition to providing safe, reliable natural gas service to our customers, The Gas Company offers energy-related consulting services.

  • Engineering Analysis Center 
    Through its state-of-the-art Engineering Analysis Center, Southern California Gas Company offers consulting, testing, analysis and other services.
  • Remittance Processing
    SoCalGas will provide remittance processing, exception payment processing, and funds deposit management to support gas utility and municipality systems.
  • After Meter/Pipeline Services
    Services include Design, Installation, Maintenance, Cathodic Protection, Pipeline Optimization System Modeling, and Operations Training for natural gas distribution and high pressure transmission systems.
  • Gas Storage Services
    SoCalGas will provide specialized services related to underground gas storage fields, focusing on Storage Field Selection, Reservoir Development, and Storage Field Operations Planning.
  • Salvage Sales
    Southern California Gas Company has surplus equipment and materials available for purchase. Consumers and businesses alike may find our surplus a plus.

SoCalGas reserves the right to offer products and services as stand-alone offerings or in packages customized to initiate a business proposal, respond to a business opportunity, or respond to a Request for Proposal. SoCalGas also reserves the right to refrain from offering any service set forth in this posting based upon SoCalGas' capacity limitations. SoCalGas will address any capacity limitations in connection with the service offerings set forth in this posting in discussions with prospective customers about obtaining such services. SoCalGas also reserves the right to withdraw or modify any of the posted service offerings by posting notice of such withdrawal on this web page.

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