SoCalGas - Gas storage service
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Gas storage service

SoCalGas will provide specialized services related to underground gas storage fields in three major activity areas:

  • Storage Field Selection: Reservoir selection consulting, including operating parameter characterization; determination of optimal development plans for a given reservoir, including estimation of withdrawal, injection, and working inventory, as well as the facilities costs.
  • Reservoir Development: Planning and/or managing conversion of depleted oil and gas fields to gas storage fields, including field development plans, conversion project management, regulatory approval consulting, well-bore and wellhead completion, sand control equipment and practices, as well as corrosion and erosion monitoring programs.
  • Storage Field Operations Planning: Developing injection and withdrawal strategies, reservoir management and monitoring programs, as well as operating plans and practices.

Specific Requirements

The scheduling of all Gas Storage Services will be prioritized in a non-discriminatory fashion in a manner such that the provision of such services will not interfere with the ongoing business obligations of SoCalGas. Services available only in the US and Canada.

Documentation and Pricing

Upon signing a confidentiality agreement, job scope and project time frame will be negotiated. Pricing will be based on a time and materials basis utilizing SoCalGas’ standardized rates for outside services.

Credit Requirements

All parties interested in pursuing these opportunities must provide satisfactory evidence of creditworthiness and corporate responsibility.

More information on our storage program is available on our Storage page.

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