SoCalGas - Billing & Payment
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Billing & Payment

SoCalGas will provide Remittance Processing services which include:

  • Remittance processing
  • Exception payment processing
  • Funds deposit management
  • Electronic payment options (direct debit, EFT)

Specific Requirements

The customer must be willing to commit to a three to five year contract, and be willing to guarantee the print and paper quality of remittance documents. The scheduling of all Remittance Processing services will be prioritized in a non-discriminatory fashion in a manner such that the provision of such services will not interfere with the ongoing business obligations of SoCalGas. Services available only in the US and Canada.

Documentation and Pricing

A service contract of at least 3 years is required. Upon signing a confidentiality agreement, job scope and project time frame will be negotiated. Pricing will be based on a time and materials basis for the up-front customization and systems integration. Billing rates will be based on SoCalGas' standardized rates for outside services, while billing time will be based on the customer's particular circumstances and compatibility with SoCalGas' systems. For on-going remittance processing, pricing is on a per transaction basis, to be negotiated based on the level of customization, the level of service, frequency of payments, and requirements for follow-up support for collections.

Credit Requirements

All parties interested in pursuing these opportunities must provide satisfactory evidence of creditworthiness and corporate responsibility.

Further Information

Email us at Remittance Processing.

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