SoCalGas - Direct Debit and Pay by Phone Program Guidelines
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Direct Debit and Pay by Phone Program Guidelines

If you already know about these programs and want to enroll:

Direct Debit Application and Guidelines (Adobe PDF, 31 KB)

Pay By Phone Application and Guides (Adobe PDF, 31 KB)

Who is eligible to sign up?

Online, Direct Debit and Pay by Phone payment options are all available to residential and business customers of The Gas Company whose accounts are in good standing and have no more than (1) returned check within the last 12 consecutive months. To request an application for enrollment in either Direct Debit or Pay by Phone please call 1-877-238-0092.

How does Direct Debit work?

Once you’re enrolled in Direct Debit, your monthly payment is automatically deducted from your designated checking or savings account 10 calendar days after your statement is mailed to you.

How does Pay by Phone work?

Once you’re enrolled in our Pay by Phone payment options, call our toll-free number each month, any day up to including the bill due date, to authorize a payment from your checking account.

Is there a fee to participate in these electronic payment methods?

There is no charge from The Gas Company to participate; however some financial institutions may charge a fee for electronic fund transfers or other actions. Please check with your financial institution regarding any fees that may apply.

After I’m enrolled, how do I change or update financial institution information?

As a registered “My Account” online user, you can view and edit your financial institution information instantly at To update or edit such information for Direct Debit or Pay by Phone, select “Update Direct Debit Banking Information” or “Update Pay by Phone Banking Information” under “Other Services” once you register for “My Account” or call The Gas Company at 1-877-238-0092 to request a change form.

What happens if a payment request is rejected?

Payments may be rejected by your financial institution due to insufficient funds, closed/unauthorized accounts, or for other reasons. Check with your financial institution for possible fees it may impose. If your payment is rejected, The Gas Company will charge a $7.50 processing fee on your next gas bill. The Gas Company reserves the right to terminate your participation in any of these programs if your payment is rejected more than once within any 12 month period.

How do I discontinue my participation in Direct Debit or Pay by Phone payment service?

You may cancel your participation in Direct Debit by calling 1-877-238-0092 and asking to be removed. Termination for Direct Debit customers will become effective within fourteen (14) calendar days after we receive your notification. Or if you’d rather change from Direct Debit to online, simply sign up for automatic recurring online payments and your Direct Debit enrollment will be cancelled to prevent duplicative payments. After your first automatic recurring online payment, you’ll receive a monthly e-mail, letting you know that your bill is ready to be viewed and paid online.

If you wish to be removed from the Pay by Phone payment service simply discontinue making Pay by Phone payments and pay either online, by mail or in person at an authorized payment location or branch office.

The Gas Company may modify or terminate any or all services or features of these electronic payment programs at any time without notice. The Gas Company has no responsibility for any failure or error in Direct Debit or Pay by Phone, including, without limitation, any interruption, omission, mistake, malfunction or delay related thereto. No indirect, consequential, punitive or special damages will be assessed against either party in connection with these electronic payment methods.

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