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Browsers Compatible with My Account

Google Chrome

The latest update to the Google Chrome web browser (30.0) may hide content on My Account web pages.

To display all content:

  1. Locate the shield symbol in the right-hand side of the web address field.

  2. Use your mouse to right-click on the shield symbol. A drop-down menu should appear. Click on the "Load unsafe script" link.

  3. The contents of the page will then display. Your data is secure; "unsafe scripts" is referring to the images on the page.

Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or 9, our website is best viewed when your browser is not in "Compatibility View." To exit Compatibility View, open your browser and select F12 using the Function (fn) key. A window should open on the lower half of your screen. From the toolbar in this window, select "Browser Mode" and from the menu select Internet Explorer 8 or 9 depending on the version you are using.

Tested Web Browsers

Current versions of the following web browsers support viewing your gas account information in My Account:

  • Internet Explorer 8 and 9
  • Apple Safari 5
  • Google Chrome 25
  • Mozilla Firefox 19

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