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Energy-Efficiency Benchmarking

Many owners and managers of commercial buildings are benchmarking their buildings voluntarily. Benchmarking helps them increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs, which can also help raise property values.

You may be required to disclose your building’s energy performance benchmark rating before it can be sold, leased or refinanced. A new law (AB1103*) requires this disclosure for many commercial buildings beginning January 1, 2014.

What is benchmarking?

Benchmarking is:

  • A comparison of a facility's level of energy efficiency with that of similar facilities nationwide.
  • A no-cost way to track and assess the energy performance of your building.

How can benchmarking help you?

Benchmarking can help you accomplish these goals:

  • Meet new state requirements (if applicable)
  • Prioritize energy-efficiency investments
  • Track energy-efficiency improvements over time
  • Receive EPA recognition
  • Get certification for your building under LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

Benchmarking with Portfolio Manager

SoCalGas is currently enhancing our data exchanging system, web services and sharing capabilities with the Energy Star Portfolio Manager Tool. We anticipate to have the new system launched in May 2014. In the interim SoCalGas has developed a manual workaround to assist you in generating your benchmarking score.

Please complete this Customer Authorization Standardized Request (CISR) and do one of the following:

Once the information is verified SoCalGas will provide you with an excel spreadsheet that you can use to upload in Portfolio Manager.

Learn more about Portfolio Manager 

Benchmarking Workshops

Benchmarking workshops for 2013 have been completed. SoCalGas will offer three more training sessions in 2014 with dates yet to be determined.

Watch the ENERGY STAR® video tutorial on benchmarking.*

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Updated 12/2013

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What our customers say

"I’ve benchmarked about 30 county buildings with Portfolio Manager and the process is much easier than I thought. I’m using the data to measure the progress of my energy-efficiency projects and identify buildings that need the most improvements.”

Janet Purchase
Energy Manager, County of Riverside


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