SoCalGas - Testimonials on Energy-Efficiency Assessments
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Testimonials on Energy-Efficiency Assessments

Energy-efficiency assessments help make it easy for customers to save energy and money. As shown by the testimonials below, assessments can help take the guesswork out of energy efficiency and allow customers more time to focus on their core business.

Rene Van Wingerden, owner of Ocean Breeze Nursery in Carpinteria  Helping customers decide
S&K Plating asked SoCalGas account executive Jaime Leiva (left) for an assessment to help decide if a boiler should be replaced. "He walked me through the entire process, and I got a $10,400 rebate and a $14,200 zero-interest loan," said Mardig Chakalian (right), owner of S&K Plating. “Asking for an assessment was one of the best business calls I ever made.”

Joe Goldberg, owner of Skyline Flowers  A valued opinion
PB Fasteners was seriously considering the purchase of a $20,000 piece of equipment to help save natural gas. The vendor projected a payback of 2-3 years, but PB Fasteners called SoCalGas for a second opinion. After assessing the new equipment, as well as PB Fasteners’ existing equipment and its usage history, SoCalGas estimated the payback to be 8-9 years. “I turned down the project after that,” said PB Fasteners’ Ken Pitts. “And I keep SoCalGas in the loop when other projects come up.”


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