SoCalGas - Potential To Emit (PTE) Calculator
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Potential To Emit (PTE) Calculator


Detailed Instructions are included within the Excel file.

  1. Select the type of engine. These are pull-down menus with a selection of various types of engines in two categories:
    1. Diesel
    2. Other (gasoline, natural gas, propane)
  2. Input the number of engines
  3. Input the typical hours of operation over one year (actual data, if available).
  4. Input the horsepower rating of each engine.
  5. Input the engine load factor, if known. The default is 65%, but this can be changed. Load factor is defined as the amount of power used by the engine to do work, expressed as a percentage of the maximum.
  6. Read the resulting actual and potential emissions. If the actual emissions are greater than 50% of the Title V thresholds, you MAY be subject to Title V. The next step is to analyze potential emissions (PTE).
  7. If the PTE emissions exceed the Title V thresholds, you are likely to be subject to Title V permit requirements.
  8. Contact the SJVUAPCD Small Business Assistance to verify agreement with your results. You may be able to take limits on your engines to avoid the need for a Title V permit; this is called a "synthetic minor."

PTE Calculator (Excel File)

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