SoCalGas - Investment Strategy
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Investment Strategy

Our technology investments are focused on accelerating the product development cycle and getting products into the marketplace as quickly as possible. The portfolio includes investments in both royalty-bearing technologies and equity positions in the companies themselves.

Of course, all investment opportunities are carefully screened to identify those that offer the best potential value to the utility and ratepayers. Project selection criteria include the following:

  • Technology concept and potential impact (revolutionary vs. evolutionary)
  • Alignment with corporate strategies
  • Probability of success
  • Fit with SoCalGas’ overall portfolio balance
  • Potential for partnering/co-funding, or “leveraging” with others
  • Potential to become commercial within five years
  • Technology development is considered early-stage
  • Potential for adoption by our customers or our T&D operations
  • Southern California Gas Company’s value as a potential strategic partner (e.g., not merely a traditional venture capital investor)
  • Positive due diligence. Due diligence typically includes a review of the potential partner’s RD&D strategy, overall business plan, existing and potential stakeholders, management team, intellectual property assets, competitive analysis and projected sales forecast.
  • Favorable terms and conditions with a clearly-defined Southern California Gas Company exit strategy.


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