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Natural Gas Barbecues

Natural gas barbecues or grills make outdoor cooking easy and affordable. They're always ready, and you'll never run out of fuel. These environmentally friendly alternatives to charcoal grills reduce emissions and allow you to extend your living area.

Energy Conservation Tips

  • To seal in juices and reduce cooking times, choose foods with comparable cooking times and operate your grill with the lid closed as much as possible.
  • Cook a variety of dishes at one time or grill more than one meal for tasty entrees later in the week.
  • Defrost frozen food prior to grilling.

Appliance Selection Tips

  • A natural gas grill can be permanently installed in your yard, or portable models are available with a quick-disconnect.
  • When you use a natural gas grill constructed of stainless steel, you have a unit that will prove long lasting, and provides a true commercial-quality kitchen appearance. Other grill exteriors are made of enameled steel and aluminum. Look for heavier, thicker grades for the longest life.
  • Top-rated burners, cooking grids and grates are made of stainless or enameled stainless steel, cast or brass.
  • For an additional fee, a  representative from Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) will connect your natural gas barbecue.

Conservation Tip Video

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Rebates Available

You can receive cash rebates on clothes washers, dishwashers, attic/wall insulation, natural gas storage water heaters and furnaces. Go to Rebates for Your Home.