SoCalGas - Advanced Meter - Energy Tools FAQs
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Advanced Meter - Energy Tools FAQs

  • How can I view my gas usage information?

    The easiest way to view your gas usage information will be through My Account at With our online tools, you can access hourly, daily and weekly gas usage and track up to 13 months of monthly data (depending on how long you've been enrolled in My Account). By better understanding how much gas you're using and when, you can better identify ways to save.

    There is no cost to enroll and you can also view and pay your bill online, elect to go paperless, schedule service appointments, request payment arrangements and more. (My Account is available to most residential and business customers.)

    For those who do not have online, smart phone or other technology-related access, we are investigating other potential ways to view usage information, such as calling SoCalGas or requesting a report by mail.

    • When can I view my gas usage information online?

      Once your advanced meter is installed and we have validated the reading (which may take at least one billing cycle), you should be able to view your information. We’ll also notify you soon when your gas usage information is available to view.

      • Is the information available online accessible to those with special needs, such as visual impairments?

        Providing usage information in an accessible format is a priority for SoCalGas. We're in the process of working with our technology vendors to ensure that our online usage and analysis tools meet accessibility standards. In addition, we're evaluating other potential channels for delivering usage information to customers with special needs, such as over the phone or via mailed reports.

        • Will SoCalGas allow customers to access their gas usage information via third parties?

          The California Public Utilities Decision (D.10-04-027) required SoCalGas to provide gas usage data to authorized third parties. This would enable customers, if they prefer, to access their gas usage via an authorized third party. The question of providing third parties with access to customer energy usage information enabled by the advanced meter technology and the required criteria is currently being considered by the Commission in its ongoing Smart Grid Order Instituting Rulemaking (OIR) (R.08-12-009) proceeding.