SoCalGas - Pocket Card FAQ
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Pocket Card FAQ

  • Who is getting an advanced meter?

    All residential and business customers will get an advanced meter. In fact, Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas®) will upgrade nearly six million gas meters with a communication device, installing them across our 20,000 square mile service territory. Installation will start in late 2012 and run through 2017.
    • What does installation of the advanced meter involve?

      A SoCalGas employee will attach a communication device to the existing meter. In most cases, there will not be an interruption in your natural gas service and the installation will only take a few minutes to complete. In some instances, we may need to replace the meter.
      • How often does the meter transmit information back to SoCalGas and does it emit a radio frequency (RF)?

        The advanced meter transmits a signal for a fraction of a second per day (less than two minutes total per year) and the RF energy emitted is significantly less than many other devices we use every day like cell phones, laptop computers and microwave ovens.
        • How does SoCalGas protect my gas usage privacy?

          We maintain the confidentiality of our customers’ information in accordance with appropriate privacy policies. Advanced meters do not transmit any personally identifiable information, and all transmissions of usage information are encrypted for added security.
          • How can I learn more about advanced meter?

            If you have additional questions please visit us at (search “ADVANCED”) or call our Advanced Meter Customer Information Center at 1-877-268-6211.
            • What if I do not want an advanced meter?

              If you would like to defer the advanced meter installation, please contact our Customer Contact Center at 1-800-427-2200.