SoCalGas - Privacy, Security and Accuracy FAQ
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Privacy, Security and Accuracy FAQ

  • How does SoCalGas ensure that the new advanced meters are accurate?

    Prior to installation, the advanced meter devices will undergo rigorous testing by the manufacturer as well as at SoCalGas test laboratories to ensure compliance with all state and national standards. Once installed, meters will also be periodically tested to ensure that they are measuring gas use accurately. In addition, the new metering and network communications systems will be continuously monitored to ensure they are working properly.

    • Is the advanced meter network secure?

      SoCalGas considers security a top priority. We take all necessary and reasonable steps to help ensure that the services we provide our customers are of high quality, easily available and secure. Communications from the customer’s meter to SoCalGas’ data center are secure and encrypted using technology that meets or exceeds current industry standards.

      Only your gas usage read will be transmitted through the network. No other personally identifiable information will be transmitted through the system.

      • How do you know that the billing data being sent is actually my data and does not belong to my neighbor?

        When data is collected from a meter and transmitted to SoCalGas, the data contains a unique identifier associated with each customer's meter number and service address. These fields are validated numerous times to ensure accuracy and privacy before the data is used for billing. This process helps ensure you are billed correctly for your energy use -- not your neighbor's.