SoCalGas - Ten Energy Saving Tips for Foodservice
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Ten Energy Saving Tips for Foodservice

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Rebate

  1. Conduct a self-audit of your facility by using the online, do-it-yourself, Ways to Save tools.
  2. Take advantage of available utility rebates and purchase energy-efficient and ENERGY STAR®-labeled equipment.
  3. Attend educational and technical seminars to learn about the latest in energy-saving technology.
  4. Ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of equipment to keep it running safely and at peak efficiency.
  5. Use our No-Cost Energy Operational Tips to Save Energy and Money chart to train your employees on energy-saving policies and procedures. Charts are available in English and Spanish.
  6. Turn off exhaust hoods and interior and exterior lights when not in use.
  7. Heat water only to the temperature required for specific tasks in your operation. Typically, this means either 110°F or 140°F for low-temp dish machines.
  8. Fix water leaks to save water and money.
  9. Install pipe insulation when possible and take advantage of our rebates.

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Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas®) offers a variety of energy-efficiency programs and services designed to help businesses save time, money and energy. We offer incentives that could save qualifying businesses more than $2 million per customer, per year. For more energy-saving tips and information, contact our Food Service Equipment Center at 1-800-427-6584 and press 3 for more information.

Updated 9/2013

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