SoCalGas - Natural Gas: Part of the Clean Energy Future
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Natural Gas: Part of the Clean Energy Future

Natural gas has been warming your home, cooking your food, and fueling local industry for years. In addition, nearly half of electricity consumed in California is generated from natural gas. Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) is proud to offer an efficient, reliable, cost-effective energy solution.

However, SoCalGas does more than provide clean energy: We believe treating Earth’s resources with respect is critical. We actively minimize our impact on air and water quality, sensitive habitats, and natural resources. SoCalGas’ renewable energy, energy efficiency, natural gas vehicles, and sustainability programs are leading the way for a cleaner, greener future.

Natural Gas: Part of the Renewable Energy Solution

Solar and Wind Power

Natural gas helps alternative energy sources deliver to their potential. Renewable resources, such as solar and wind power, are not available when the sun does not shine or the wind does not blow. With natural gas as their back-up, these sources can deliver power continuously, regardless of the weather.

Renewable Natural Gas (Biogas)

Already a source of clean energy, natural gas can make the air even cleaner when it is produced in a new way: from renewable sources such as waste products, like wastewater, animal manure, food waste and green waste. This carbon neutral renewable energy source, called biogas, has the potential to supply up to 16% of California’s annual natural gas consumption.

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Natural Gas: Part of the Energy Efficiency Solution

Energy efficiency is California’s number one priority to meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals. SoCalGas has a variety of programs to help our residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers save energy and money. Through assessments, rebates, incentives, trainings and more, SoCalGas has helped customers save more than 425 million therms of natural gas, enough to supply energy to more than 850,000 homes for one year. Lower energy consumption means lower emissions. Based on the success of our energy efficiency programs and improved building and appliance standards, the natural gas industry is already below the state's goal of reaching 1990 GHG levels.

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Natural Gas: Part of the Clean Transportation Solution

Gasoline and diesel fuels used for transportation, represents 40% of California’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). In the South Coast Air Basin alone, transportation represents 80% of air pollution (NOx). Delivered as compressed natural gas (CNG), natural gas is an alternative fuel for clean transportation with 30% lower carbon intensity than gasoline, which means much lower vehicle emissions.

SoCalGas’ natural gas vehicle (NGV) program reduces GHG emissions by 750,000 tons/year and NOx emissions by 1,600 tons/year. Larger operators of transit buses, garbage trucks, local delivery and long-haul trucks save 30% to 40% compared to those using diesel fuel.

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No One Energy Source Can Do It Alone

As an abundant, domestic and affordable source of energy, natural gas is an important part of the energy solution. And with the help of an overall energy portfolio—electricity and natural gas plus alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro and even renewable natural gas—the ability to achieve a clean energy future is within reach.

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