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Environmental Benefits

Clean Trucking

Right now, the California State Legislature is considering prioritizing monies to incentivize a transition from polluting heavy-duty trucks to clean alternative fuel trucks, such as near zero emission trucks that run on natural gas.

Learn about the benefits of clean trucking and how you can help support the cause for cleaner air.*

Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) can have an immediate and positive impact on the issues of air quality, U.S. energy security and public health. Here are some key benefits of using natural gas as a transportation fuel:

NGVs are clean

NGVs are some of the cleanest vehicles in commercial production today, and produce only 5-10 percent of the emissions allowable even by today's most stringent standards. NGVs produce 20-30 percent less greenhouse gases than gasoline or diesel powered vehicles.

Overall, natural gas is one of the cleanest burning alternative fuels available today. NGVs can reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and reactive hydrocarbons which form ground-level ozone, the principal ingredient of smog, by as much as 95 percent. NGVs can also reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by as much as 30 percent, carbon monoxide (CO) by 85 percent and carcinogenic particulate emissions by 99 percent. More information on NGVs and the Environment is available from NGVAmerica.*

Clearly, NGVs present one of the cleanest choices for today and tomorrow.

Biogas: Renewable reducer of emissions

In recent years, SoCalGas® customers have shown increasing interest in using renewable energy. Ideally, this would include use in their transportation as well. Biogas is affordable renewable energy that also helps reduce greenhouse gases. It is already being used successfully in parts of Europe, and has even been put into limited use in NGVs here in California.* SoCalGas is currently researching how biogas could be utilized and distributed to our customers.

Get more details from NGVAmerica* on Sequestering Greenhouse Gases from Landfills, Animal Waste, Sewage, and Other Sources via Biomethane Production. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternate Fuels Data Center also provides an overview of biogas benefits.*

90% less noise than diesel1

The sound pressure level of a CNG engine is lower than that of a diesel engine. This makes NGVs an especially good choice in densely populated areas or for vehicles that operate at night.

Less odor

Refueling with compressed natural gas, versus gasoline or diesel, reduces odorant and evaporative emissions.

Low contamination risk

CNG will not contaminate ground water. CNG refueling station owners do not have to contend with the threat of leaks from underground tanks, which is a major consideration with liquid fuels.

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1INFORM Report: Greening Garbage Trucks: Trends in Alternative Fuel Use, 2002-2005*

Updated 9/2015

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