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Natural Gas Vehicles for Personal Use


Natural Gas Vehicles: Cheaper and cleaner

Driving a natural gas vehicle (NGV) can cut down on time spent in traffic, reduce your carbon footprint and lower your fuel costs. NGVs perform like a conventional gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle in that they deliver similar horsepower ratings and burn a gaseous mixture of fuel and air in an engine. However, natural gas has the distinct advantage of already being in a gaseous state, which helps the engine run cleaner.

Beat traffic with carpool lane access!

Fed up with busy Southern California traffic? Experience shorter commutes with single-occupant carpool lane access.

As the owner of a dedicated NGV, you may still be issued Clean Air Vehicle Stickers*--popularly known as "white stickers." They entitle motorists to use High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV or carpool) lanes, even if you're driving alone!

98% satisfaction rate 1

In 2008, Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) conducted research among our customers who currently own NGVs. The results were nothing short of amazing! We learned that almost every single customer used their NGV every day. Notably, the largest group of surveyed customers were motorists who drive more than 60 miles per day. Most importantly of all, 98% of the surveyed customers were happy with their decision to purchase an NGV.

Available natural gas vehicles

Automobile manufacturers are continuously researching new fuel technologies for passenger vehicles.

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1 Source: Southern California Gas Company NGV Customer Research, October 2008

2 This information is for general information only. Please contact your tax advisor or the tax codes for details of any bill, measure or program.

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