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Seek Green Resources and Information

Learn about other ways to help the environment. These links offer a wealth of information.

Flex Your Power

Find out how this statewide organization supports California in promoting energy efficiency for residences and businesses alike. *


Learn what makes a product ENERGY STAR-qualified. *

Tax Credits

Learn about available tax credits for qualifying energy efficiency upgrades. *

Coalition of ENERGY STAR Water Heaters

The Coalition is a group put together by the CEE made up of manufacturers and industry and energy efficiency program administrators promoting the installation of higher efficiency residential water heaters.


Energy Efficiency Contractor Programs

To help customers use energy more efficiently, we offer a variety of energy efficiency contracting opportunities -- approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. Learn about available energy efficiency programs performed by contractors who were selected through a competitive bid process.

Recycle Household Waste

Recycle your household items. For a recycling location in your community:

Visit *

Call 1-800-CLEANUP

Waste Management General Calif Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB)

Learn how to properly dispose of e-waste, sharps and other waste material. *

The CIWMB also hosts an exchange site under the theory of "Waste for one is a treasure for others." *

Waste Management K-12

CIWMB also has a K-12 curriculum and resources for schools. *


Learn how the Air Quality Management District works to control emissions and improve air quality in the Los Angeles, San Bernardino and surrounding areas. *

Healthy Hearth

Wood burning fire places can cause air pollution by emitting harmful gases. Learn how to “burn clean” and help reduce pollution. *

California Air Resources Board - Cap & Trade

Learn more about the California Air Resources Board and its Cap & Trade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in California. *

Climate Registry

Find out how this nonprofit organization provides meaningful information on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. *

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