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Self-Generation: How to Apply

All 2015 Reservations use the new statewide online Reservation Request Form. However, to reserve a specified incentive amount, a Reservation Request Form and required attachments must be submitted via email or regular mail. Additionally, the one percent application fee must also be received via regular mail. Incentive funds are not reserved until the Program Administrator receives, screens and approves these documents.

Applications that include technologies from two or more different incentive levels (Hybrid Projects) must include one Reservation Request Form for each technology in the Project.

Stage 1:

  • Decide what type of technology best suits your needs.
  • Consider how you'll be financing the project.

Stage 2:

Download the 2015 Handbook and Forms.

Stage 3:

  • Decide which application type to follow:
    • 2-Step (residential and/or systems 10kW and under)
    • 3-Step (non-public entities)
    • 3-Step (public entities)

Stage 4:

  • Complete the 2015 Reservation Request Form* online.
  • Submit your RRF via mail or email.
  • If eligible, you will receive a reservation letter and next step instructions.

    • 2-Step applications go to Stage 6
    • 3-Step applications go to Stage 5

Stage 5:

  • Complete Proof of Project Milestone Form (PPM) and documentation.
  • 3-Step public entity applications must provide an executed contract or RFP within 60 days

    • Submit RFP documentation via mail or email
    • The remaining PPM documentation must be submitted within 240 days.
  • 3-Step non-public entity applications must provide complete PPM documentation within 60 days from Reservation Letter Date.

    • Submit PPM documents via mail or email.
  • If eligible you will receive a confirmed reservation letter with next step instructions.

Stage 6:

  • Once your system has been completely installed and is operational you can submit the Claim Form for payment.
  • Complete Incentive Claim Form (ICF) and required documentation.
  • All 3-Step applications must be completed within 18 months.
  • All 2-Step applications must be completed within 12 months.
  • Submit ICF documentation via mail or email.

Stage 7:

  • Project will be paid after final inspection.
  • Systems under 30 kW will receive full payment.
  • Systems 30 kW and larger will receive 50 percent upon project completion and 50 percent Performance Based Incentive (PBI) over five years.

How to submit your documentation

Once you are ready to submit your request there are two delivery methods. Applicants can submit their SGIP forms and documents either via U.S. Mail, email or a combination of the two (“combo application”). All submissions at any stage of the application process (RRF, PPM and/or ICF) can be delivered using any of these methods. Additionally, reservation requests must also submit an application fee of one percent of their requested incentive. Please follow the application fee instructions to ensure proper delivery.

Program Administrators do not assume any responsibility or liability for any deficiency in service on part of the delivery method the applicant has chosen.

Email requirements

Email documentation to:

  • Each document must be a separate file
  • All documents must be submitted in .pdf format
  • Documents requiring signatures must be signed. It is acceptable to submit scanned copies of the original signed documents.
  • Email subject line must be titled “SGIP Application-Program Year-Host Customer Name.”

Regular or Certified Mail documentation to:

Self-Generation Incentive Program
Program Administrator
Southern California Gas Company
555 West Fifth Street, GT-20B8
Los Angeles, CA 90013-1011

To ensure confirmation of receipt, submit documentation by certified or overnight mail. No faxed or hand delivered applications will be accepted.


For more information, contact us at

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