Pipeline Safety


Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) is the nation's largest natural gas distribution utility, serving a population of 20.9 million consumers through 5.8 million gas meters in more than 500 communities. The company's service territory encompasses approximately 20,000 square miles of diverse terrain throughout Central and Southern California, from Visalia to the Mexican border.

SoCalGas transports and delivers natural gas to its customers for cooking, heating and business use. We monitor the natural gas for quality and add a distinctive odor to help detect leaks.

How natural gas gets to your home or business

SoCalGas receives natural gas from producers and suppliers located both within our service area and outside California. We monitor the gas for quality, odorize it and then deliver it through our 94,000 miles of pipeline.

Putting safety first

It is our practice to respond promptly when we receive calls from customers regarding a potentially hazardous natural gas leak. We have about 5,000 employees who are trained and ready to respond to incidents that occur throughout our service territory.

Our transmission and distribution pipelines are operated and maintained in accordance with or exceeding state and federal pipeline safety regulations. Additionally, regulators regularly audit our program to ensure that we are in compliance with all safety regulations. We believe that our system is safe.

SoCalGas routinely performs pipeline safety tasks, including patrolling, testing, repairing and replacing pipelines. We meet or exceed all federal and state requirements for safe pipeline operations and maintenance, including ongoing technical training and testing for employees. Our goal is to identify and resolve potential problems before a major problem occurs.

SoCalGas has also implemented a rigorous integrity management program in highly populated areas. As the nation’s largest natural gas distributor, we strive to apply state-of-the-art knowledge in the operation and maintenance of our natural gas pipeline facilities. We use advanced safety inspection tools to determine pipe condition and help ensure that the pipelines are being maintained safely. In order to perform these important inspections, the area around our pipelines must be clear of shrubs, trees, fences and other structures.

Markers indicate major pipelines near you

Markers indicate major pipelines near you. Markers purposely indicate only the general, not exact, location of buried pipelines. Markers also do not indicate the depth or number of pipelines in the area.

To identify operators of other oil and gas pipelines in your area and view maps with the general locations of these pipelines, visit the National Pipeline Mapping System website. *

Note that these maps only indicate the general location of pipelines and should never be used as a substitute for calling 811 at least two business days before digging.

Updated 9/2010

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