Promoting Education & Workforce Development

Learn about our efforts to improve and support educational opportunities and workforce development in our communities.

A promising future for our communities is directly tied to a highly skilled and educated workforce. It is imperative that we give students a strong foundation to be equipped for the jobs of tomorrow.

We focus our efforts on motivating students to be prepared for higher education, promoting technology-based learning and encouraging success in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Our global economy requires students to not only have a quality education, but also a strong understanding in STEM.

Among our activities in 2016:

  • SoCalGas awarded 112 scholarships to graduating high school seniors and community college graduates, totaling $154,000. Ethnicity breakdown: 20% African American; 10% Asian; 59% Latino/Hispanic; 12% other. Through our scholarship program for SoCalGas interns, we awarded eight scholarships. The interns received $2,000 scholarship awards and high school seniors and others going to a 4-year school received $1,500; those going to two-year schools received $1,000 awards.
  • Every year, employees from the SoCalGas EAC partners with Team Science and other Southern California engineers, scientist and educators to bring a unique summer camp to area children. Team Science’s Summer Science Camp is a six-day learning experience, where students learn to apply scientific, technical, engineering and mathematical principals to real world situations.  SoCalGas employees help design and teach several workshops. Having high hands-on content allows students to learn these important principles in engaging and interesting ways.  
  • We partnered with several organizations to support STEM learning and activities, including Los Angeles Education Partnership, MIND Research Institute, LA’s Best and Los Angeles Council of Black Professional Engineers. Through a variety of afterschool, enrichment and scholarship programs, we are improving STEM learning for area children.
  • SoCalGas supported the Tiger Woods Learning Center (TWLC), which offers an Intro to Coding module to 5th grade students in their Career Exploration Program. In this module, students have a week-long introduction to a plethora of STEM-related topics. TWLC members are exposed to content they might not ordinarily encounter (i.e., robotics, engineering, and biotechnology). They learn these subjects in an interactive, hands-on environment from highly skilled staff committed to the success of every child. To ensure that youth, especially those from lower-income backgrounds, are prepared for the workforce, they must be exposed to computer science and taught basic coding language and skills at an early age. The Tiger Woods Learning Centers directly address this critical need. With SoCalGas’ contribution, the Learning Center's innovative JavaScript in Coding course will serve primarily low-income Latino and African American middle school youth, introducing them to topics not covered in traditional school curricula, ultimately sparking their interest in the high-demand field of web development and giving them a foundation of technical skills that can later be transferred to the workforce.
  • Our employees volunteer at real-life simulations covering financial literacy through our partnership with Junior Achievement. We also hosted career fairs, where high school students could talk to employees and learn about careers at SoCalGas.