Encouraging Emergency Preparedness & Safety

See how were working to educate and inform our communities about emergency preparedness and natural gas safety.

While natural gas has the best safety and reliability record of all traditional energy sources, we still need to be vigilant about following our established safety guidelines and continually reaching out to Southern Californians with information on:

Among our programs and activities in 2016:

  • SoCalGas is proud to support PrepareSoCal, an American Red Cross multi-region campaign designed to address the needs of individuals and families to prepare for disasters, small and large, by providing tips, tools, and training, and to promote community resiliency with a focus on Southern California's most vulnerable communities. PrepareLA is a part of the PrepareSoCal campaign with a focus on the communities that are most vulnerable within the LA region, building partnerships and resilient communities.
  • Our contribution to the Orange County Sheriffs Advisory Council enabled the purchase of car seats for both infants and toddlers to be distributed to military and low-income families. The car seats were distributed by Orange County Sheriff Deputies, who ensured proper installation. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, while 96 percent of parents and caregivers believe their child safety seats are installed correctly; seven out of 10 children are improperly restrained. This initiative will help educate the public on the proper installation of child safety seats and raise awareness about laws concerning child car seats. 
  • Visits to elementary schools teach hundreds of students about the basics of natural gas safety through fun games and hands-on demonstrations.
  • We partner with the Los Angeles Fire Department to provide the public with important safety tips about carbon monoxide (CO). When temperatures drop, some residents attempt to heat their homes with methods that pose a risk of CO poisoning (i.e. a charcoal grill).