Encouraging Emergency Preparedness & Safety

See how were working to educate and inform our communities about emergency preparedness and natural gas safety.

While natural gas has the best safety and reliability record of all traditional energy sources, we still need to be vigilant about following our established safety guidelines and continually reaching out to Southern Californians with information on:

Among our programs and activities in 2017:

  • SoCalGas supported the Los Angeles Police Foundation’s Emergency Preparedness program and Emergency Management Section. The grant was able to provide training and preparing for department personnel with critical incidents, natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Updated Wi-Fi technology and simulated ammunition is part of the training and program when services are not available during real incidents, disasters or attacks.   
  • We supported the American Red Cross’ Home Fire Safety Campaign. The grant supported their 5-year initiative that aims to reduce home fire deaths and injuries by 25% in the United States. The event in Pacoima focused on installing free smoke alarms and provided emergency preparedness education to local residents.
  • SoCalGas supported the American Red Cross’ PrepareSoCal 2.0 covering Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Our grant assists them in their 4-year program to strengthen their resilience SoCal underserved communities that were identified disaster risks and impacts based on limited access. Fire and earthquake preparedness training is part of the greater community resilience program.
  • We supported the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation’s 2017 fire season with their hydration backpacks and other resources when they are in the line of fire. About 3,300 fire fighters were supported through this grant. A separate additional grant was provided for the cadet post at fire station 87 in Granada Hills. Fire cadet program for 14-20 year olds to learn the duties and responsibilities of a regular firefighter through education, learning materials, first aid, basic tools, etc.