See how UPS has cut their fuel costs in half by switching to CNG vehicles.

UPS is a clear leader in the field. Since 2000, UPS trucks have traveled more than 300 million miles on alternative fuels. That's the distance from Earth to Mars and back! A huge portion of the miles logged were fueled by natural gas.

UPS has one of the largest private fleets of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles in the country, with more than 1,000 package delivery vehicles. UPS began using CNG in 1989. Since that time, the results have been impressive:

  • Particulate emissions are 95 percent lower
  • They have reduced carbon monoxide emissions from their fleet by 75 percent
  • Their emissions of nitrogen oxides are 49 percent lower
  • UPS is investing in 1,400 new CNG vehicles: 800 heavy-duty tractors and 600 package delivery vans
  • UPS will construct 12 CNG stations and upgrade three

Their investments in natural gas are not only paying off in terms of a reduced carbon footprint, but the company has significantly reduced its operating costs. Fuel consumption accounts for an average of 5.6 percent of UPS’ operating revenues. With help from natural gas, they have essentially cut their fuel costs in half.

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