Home Energy Upgrade Financing

Make your home more comfortable with our simple affordable and fast home upgrade financing.

Do you feel like you can't escape the heat by coming inside? Do you dread rainy days because of the chill they bring? Do you simply want your home to be cozier?

The Home Energy Upgrade Financing (HEUF) program could be your solution. Under this program, you may qualify for $2,500 to $30,000 to purchase and install energy-efficient upgrades--the kinds of upgrades that turn a house into "Home Sweet Home."

Because the HEUF program offers unsecured financing, you don't need equity in your home to qualify. Financing can be approved instantly, following receipt of most applications. Terms range from three to 10 years. Twelve-year financing is available for ENERGY STAR® measures.

How It Works

To make it easy to use this program, we called on the expertise of Viewtech Financial Services Inc., a Kilowatt Financial company, to administer this specialized financing. 1Viewtech Financial Services works with The League of California Homeowners (LCH), an independent consumer organization, that provides contractor background checks. All participating contractors must meet the LCH's standards.

Visit The League of California Homeowners * to learn what upgrades qualify for this financing, how you can qualify for them and how to find a participating contractor.

Available Energy Efficiency Upgrades

You'll find many of these upgrades can make a big improvement in how comfortable your home feels. And the improved energy efficiency they bring may lower your energy bills.

Water Heater

Next to heating and cooling, water heating is the largest energy user in the home. New

natural gas water heaters are very economical. They use less energy and have a faster recovery time than electric water heaters. When shopping for a new gas water heater, look for an Energy Factor (EF) of .67 or higher as well as the ENERGY STAR logo on the product itself.

Space Heating

When furnace shopping, check the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating. Newer units extract more of the heat contained in combustion byproducts, as well as reduce the amount of heated air that escapes for a better AFUE rating.


Consider refrigerated air conditioners or evaporative coolers with high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER). Higher SEER-rated units offer better efficiency and lower operating costs. Natural

gas air conditioners and evaporative coolers are environmentally friendly alternatives that offer lower operating costs and can save you money.


Windows can account for 33 percent of the total heat loss and as much as 75 percent of the heat gain during the summer. That's why it's a good idea to replace single-paned windows with double-paned, low-emissivity coated windows.

Ceiling and Attic

Without a well-insulated attic, much of your heating and cooling costs are wasted. That's why it's worthwhile to insulate your attic. But, if you don't have an attic, add insulation to the ceiling of the top floor.


Insulation can block the flow of heat through attics, floors and walls by forming "dead air" spaces. Places to insulate include ceilings/attics, floors, walls and air ducts.


The constant heating and cooling of a roof causes it to expand and contract - which leads to wear, tear and energy loss. Remember, light-colored roofs and emerging “Cool Roof" technology tends to last longer and is generally more durable than dark-colored roofs because they reflect more sun, which also saves energy.

Water Conservation

It’s more important than ever to find ways to conserve water in California. Irrigation is a top user of water, but you can make a change to more water-efficient sprinkler systems and install water-conserving landscapes. Also consider “gray-water” systems and rain water storage systems that can be used for irrigation.

Tips To Keep Your Upgrades On Track

Equally as important as the financing is the remodeling process itself. The League of California Homeowners * offers these tips:

  1. Hire only licensed contractors (HEUF-approved contractors meet this standard).
  2. Hire insured contractors (HEUF-approved contractors meet this standard).
  3. If your contractor has employees, make sure they have Worker's Comp Insurance (HEUF-approved contractors meet this standard).
  4. Always get three bids, three customer references and review past work. It's up to you to get the best value.
  5. Never start a job without a thorough written contract. Be sure to have start and completion dates.
  6. Never pay more than 10% down or $1,000 (whichever is less) to start a job and any further payments for work or materials should only be paid for work and materials that is actually done or delivered.
  7. Keep a job file that includes receipts, permits, plans and anything else pertaining to your job.

How to Get Started

  1. Call Viewtech Financial Services Inc. at 888-502-4222 for a list of qualified contractors in your area.
  2. Choose a contractor from the list and select your energy-efficient upgrades.
  3. Your contractor will bring the financing paperwork to your home and help you complete it.
  4. The contractor will then send your application to Viewtech.
  5. You could be approved instantly from the time Viewtech receives our application.
  6. Once you're approved, you can schedule your work with your contractor.

¹SoCalGas has no role in reviewing or approving your financing application and presents this information to you simply for your consideration. SoCalGas does not endorse, and is not responsible for any goods or services selected by the customer pursuant to this program from any third party, including Viewtech Financial. Viewtech Financial is not the same company as, or an affiliate of, SoCalGas.