Natural Gas is Affordable, Abundant and Domestic

See how abundant domestic supplies of natural gas help provide affordable energy to California and the nation.

Natural gas is a highly affordable energy source, thanks to its natural abundance and efficient delivery.

Technological advances, an accessible and abundant domestic resource, and the world’s most extensive and reliable delivery infrastructure will help keep California's economy vibrant -- by providing jobs, cleaner air and an affordable energy source for residents and businesses.

Natural Gas May Mean Savings for Consumers

Which of your household bills is usually the lowest? It's probably your natural gas bill. Households that use natural gas for heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying spend an average of $693 less per year than homes using electricity for those applications.** Low domestic natural gas prices have led to savings of almost $65 billion for residential natural gas customers over the past five years.


Courtesy of the American Gas Association.

Abundant and Domestic Natural Gas

Available in abundance domestically, natural gas offers the U.S. the opportunity to achieve energy independence. There is currently enough natural gas, in its traditional form, to meet our country’s demand for more than 100 years. And new technologies offer the potential to capture methane, the primary ingredient in natural gas, from existing waste stream sources to make a renewable form of natural gas.

Courtesy of the American Gas Association.