Energy-Efficiency Financing

Reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency in our homes and businesses is always a smart investment; saving us time, energy and money over the long run. Now, paying for upgrades is so much easier with the availability of existing and upcoming financing programs.

Financing Options for Home or Business

Zero Percent On-Bill Financing for Businesses

Working in conjunction with its energy-efficiency rebate and incentive programs, SoCalGas® is offering qualified business customers zero-percent, unsecured loans to finance the purchase and installation of eligible measures.

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Single Family Homes

Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) Program

Increasing a home’s energy-efficiency and comfort is now easier than ever to afford. Through this finance option, eligible single family homeowners in the market for energy efficient products and upgrades have access to privately funded loans through*

Home Energy Upgrade Financing (HEUF) Program

Offers unsecured financing, you don’t need equity in your home to qualify and in many cases, financing can be approved instantly.  To learn more about this program, visit  Home Energy Upgrade Financing.

New Finance Programs Launching Soon

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) authorized the creation of the California Hub for Energy Efficiency Financing1 (CHEEF) to administer new finance programs.2  These programs were created to increase the availability of attractive financing options to help Californians purchase energy efficiency upgrades and spread out the costs.

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For Master-Metered, Multi-Family Properties (Launching 2017)

Energy-efficient rentals are attractive to perspective tenants and offer overall time and money savings to owners. Property owners seeking to enhance or maximize the energy efficiency of their master-metered, multi-family, affordable housing properties will soon be able to finance improvements and repay the loan through their monthly SoCalGas bill.

For Business Leases and Loans (Launching 2017)

  • Small Business On-Bill and Off-Bill

This program will offer the flexibility many small business customers need by featuring both off-bill and on-bill repayment options to eligible customers to help cover costs of leasing energy-efficient equipment.

  • Small Business On-Bill Repayment Loan

Small business owners may soon be eligible to apply for a Small Business On-Bill Repayment Loan. This on-bill repayment program provides the convenience of allowing a small business owner to pay both their utility and loan charges through their utility bill.

  • Financing for Non-residential Customers

This program will offer financing options combined with an on-bill repayment feature for eligible, non-residential customers that may not qualify for SoCalGas’ small business financing options.

1The California Alternative Energy and Financing Transportation Authority (CAEATFA) was selected by the CPUC to manage the CHEEF.
2New finance programs designed by Southern California Gas Company, San Diego Gas & Electric, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and Southern California Edison.