Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Learn about our partnership with Scripps Institute of Oceanography to convert emissions sources to renewable fuel.

SoCalGas® is working with with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego to design a system that captures exhaust from combustion processes – which would normally emit greenhouse gases into the air – and run it through algae beds. The algae consume the CO2 and NOx emissions and convert it into valuable byproducts such as biomethane, biodiesel, nutraceuticals and animal feed.

The project is still in Phase I – but the potential for California’s environment is promising. Such algae production systems could effectively capture CO2 and other emissions from power plants and other industrial processes.

If this test proves to be safe and economical, the next phase is to build and operate a commercially scaled system to determine its viability. This is another example of emerging innovations that can convert existing emissions sources into tomorrow’s renewable fuel.

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