After-meter Pipeline Services

Learn more about our after-meter pipeline services.

SoCalGas® developed Pipeline Services to help customers safely and economically operate their after-meter natural gas system, to ensure a safe environment and meet state and federal standards.

SoCalGas Pipeline Services offers the following programs:

Pipeline Maintenance Pipeline Construction Subtraction Metering
Design Repair Design and Purchase
Mapping Replacement Install Meters
Leak Survey Installation Regulation
Leakage Repair Alteration  
Locate and Mark    
Cathodic Protection    
Valve Inspection    

Pipeline Design and Installation

SoCalGas' Pipeline Services will provide consulting, project management and installation services for all aspects of your natural gas yardline/distribution system. This may include:

  • Preliminary route feasibility assessments
  • Regulatory permitting strategies and implementation
  • Pipeline and associated materials selection
  • Right-of-way planning and acquisition
  • Design and construction supervision

System expertise includes regulator stations, cathodic protection systems and metering facilities.

Pipeline Maintenance

Pipeline Maintenance includes techniques for assessing the condition of an existing distribution system in relation to U.S. standards. Areas for review include:

  • Leak survey
  • Pipeline repair
  • Failure analysis
  • Locate and mark
  • Valve inspection and repair

Offerings include:

  • Audit of internal maintenance practices to identify areas for efficiency gains or process improvements.
  • Evaluation of physical system to identify potential maintenance requirements.
  • Project management of necessary maintenance activities and/or routine maintenance work.
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Cathodic Protection Services

Pipeline Services will provide services for Cathodic Protection Systems, including a condition and performance assessment of the system, implementation of recommended system improvements, on-going system maintenance and monitoring.

Pipeline Asset Optimization

Pipeline Services utilizes a PC-based software modeling tool that enables optimization of pipeline repair or replacement decisions based on economic risk and criteria.

Features include:

  • Customization of models to meet client system parameters and instructions for execution.
  • Implementation of the modeling process — customization, data retrieval and input, model execution and interpretation of results.
  • Training of in-house experts and/or annual consultation during client planning process.

Specific Requirements

Customers requesting Pipeline Assessment and Maintenance Management Services must provide specific system, facility information and key performance indicators regarding the subject natural gas operations. They also must submit to a Pipeline Services site inspection as part of the proposal process for Pipeline Design and Installation, Maintenance, Cathodic Protection and Pipeline Optimization Modeling. The scheduling of all services will be prioritized in a non-discriminatory manner so that the provision of such services will not interfere with the ongoing business obligations of SoCalGas. Services are available only in the U.S.

Documentation and Pricing

Use of Pipeline Assessment and Maintenance Management Services shall be subject to the execution of a definitive agreement between the Entity and Pipeline Services that contains Pipeline Services standard provisions regarding the specific services to be provided, pricing, assumption of risk, indemnification, insurance and other appropriate terms and conditions specified by SoCalGas.

Pricing of these services will be presented in a formal proposal and will be based upon several factors including: scope of service, size, location and integrity of natural gas system, timing and availability of resources. Pricing factors for Training Services include training topic, level, length and location of training; number of training participants and materials required.

Credit Requirements

All parties interested in pursuing these opportunities must provide satisfactory evidence of creditworthiness and corporate responsibility. Our customers can benefit from SoCalGas' many years of expertise in every aspect of operating a natural gas system, from planning and design to installation and repair. SoCalGas has a proud history of providing safe, reliable service to our customers, with consistently high levels of customer satisfaction. A pioneer in modernizing the natural gas industry in many aspects, we are the largest natural gas distribution company in the United States.