Dial It Down Alert

On certain days, we will issue a Dial It Down Alert, requesting our customers to reduce natural gas usage.

About the Dial It Down Alert

In the winter season, natural gas use increases about three to seven times the amount used during summer months. To encourage conservation in times when natural gas consumption is high, we will issue a Dial It Down Alert and ask you, our customers in the SoCalGas territory, to voluntarily reduce their natural gas use.

The Dial It Down Alert may be called on certain days during the winter season from December 1 through March 31. The conservation time frame will be initiated and ended by SoCalGas.

How to Conserve Natural Gas

These three actions can help conserve natural gas:

Additional tips for conservation:

  • Reduce the temperature on your water heater
  • Use low-flow shower heads
  • Open drapes to heat your home with the sun
  • Run full loads of dishes and clothes only

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