Energy Efficiency in the Clean Energy Future

Learn how energy-efficient natural gas appliances can contribute to improved building performance while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Currently, new home builders are in the forefront of the clean energy revolution taking place in California and building codes for energy-efficiency and equipment requirements are constantly evolving. 

SoCalGas® can play a role in that clean-energy future through educating home builders on their energy-efficiency options

Zero Net Energy Demonstration Projects

SoCalGas has supported the development of Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Demonstration Projects that show how natural gas contributes to the energy efficiency of new homes and projects that can comply with green standards, while providing the comfort and affordability preferred by customers.1

In a ZNE project, the amount of energy consumed by the project is virtually matched by a corresponding amount of energy self-generated by the project.

  • ABC Green Home 3.0 - SoCalGas was a presenting sponsor of the ABC Green Home 3.0, a new construction two-story, four-bedroom single-family residence that was constructed by Habitat for Humanity in Fullerton, California. The house was built to ZNE standards with a dual-energy approach that includes natural gas, and features a multi-generational suite with bedroom, bath, and kitchenette to facilitate family or caretaker support to a disabled U.S. veteran who will live in the home.  
  • The Resort at Playa Vista — The Resort at Playa Vista is a 25,000-square-foot state-of-the-art near-ZNE community recreational facility providing complimentary services and healthy lifestyle programming for the residents of Playa Vista. The Resort serves as a model of how a dual-fuel approach with natural gas can work efficiently and effectively to meet customer preferences and needs while helping to reach the goal of ZNE.

1 Navigant Consulting, Inc.; Strategy and Impact Evaluation of Zero-Net-Energy Regulations on Gas-Fired Appliances; July, 2015