Capacity Trading

Find out how you can trade firm capacity awards to meet your business' energy needs.

Constrained Area Noncore Firm Capacity Trading

Did you know that we allow customers in “potentially capacity-constrained areas” to trade firm capacity awards with another eligible customer?

Customers with firm noncore capacity awards and corresponding use-or-pay obligations may trade these rights and obligations with other customers desiring to increase their firm capacity within the same capacity-constrained area.

Register with SoCalGas® Envoy®

To offer firm capacity or to request additional capacity to meet your needs, you can register with SoCalGas Envoy® to gain access to the AD bulletin board. To obtain a user ID for Envoy, complete the on-line Envoy registration form. A SoCalGas representative will contact you with additional forms to be completed by you.

Once you've received your login ID for Envoy, you can then access the AD bulletin board. To learn how to post a Trade Ad, consult the Web Based Training on the right side of the home page (See Lesson 6, "Trade Ad").

You can look at the AD bulletin board to see if there is an available Trading Partner, or you can post your firm access capacity requirements. When you enter your requirements on the AD bulletin board, include enough information to let others know what you're requesting.

What to Include:

  • Name
  • Potentially constrained area location
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Are you seeking additional firm capacity volumes or do you have firm capacity you no longer require?
  • Volumes requested or available
  • Dates when the volumes are needed or will be available

Please note that posted information will be available to other parties, so include only information that you want to make known to the public.

A Trade Ad is a posting made by any ENVOY user requesting to buy or sell with other ENVOY users. ENVOY assumes no legal responsibility for the content of a Trade Ad.

Constrained Area Capacity Trading Agreement

Once you've found a Trading Partner and an agreement has been reached between the Capacity Holder and the Recipient on the amount of capacity and applicable time frames, both Trading Partners must complete the Constrained Area Capacity Trading Agreement Form 691 (also available from your SoCalGas account executive). The completed form must be signed by both parties and submitted to us for review and approval. Remember, trades are not effective until approved by SoCalGas.

You must allow 30 calendar days from the date of request to the date the trade is to become effective. You can submit the form to your SoCalGas account executive. SoCalGas will notify both the Capacity Holder and the recipient when the trade is approved, and provide each party with a schedule specifying their respective revised scheduled quantities.

Form 6910, when executed by both parties and SoCalGas, represents a binding agreement which reduces the existing GT-F contract capacity and obligations (including monthly use-or-pay obligations) of the Capacity Holder and transfers those same rights and obligations to the recipient.

All customer requests MUST be approved by SoCalGas before any Trade is final.

The Utility shall determine if the request is operationally feasible and whether the recipient meets the requirements for creditworthiness as set forth in Rule No. 6. All service provided to the recipient by means of this trade shall be pursuant to Schedule No. GT-F, including the special conditions governing firm noncore service within potential constrained areas. Only existing or otherwise eligible noncore customers may participate in a trade and receive firm noncore intrastate service.

Please contact your SoCalGas account executive if you have any question regarding trading firm noncore intrastate capacity.