Advanced Meter for Business Customers

Find out how Advanced Meter is advancing the way we serve our business customers.

Most business customers throughout our territory will soon be getting an Advanced Meter communications device that automatically and securely transmits natural gas meter data to our service and billing center, eliminating the need for manual meter reading and enabling us to provide you with more frequent and detailed natural gas usage information. Our larger customers may receive a slightly different communications device, based on the size of the natural gas meter.

Impact to You

We'll make every effort to ensure that your business isn't impacted by this installation. In most cases, we won't need to interrupt your service, and you don't have to be present to complete the installation. In some cases, we may need to replace the natural gas meter due to age or incompatibility. In these cases, we'll make every effort to work with you to schedule a time that won't interrupt your regular course of business.

Advanced Meter Installation Schedule

We have been installing the Advanced Meter communications device across our service area since late 2012, and will be continuing through 2017. Several weeks before installation, we'll mail you a letter letting you know that we'll be in your area to upgrade the natural gas meter. If you haven't received your installation letter yet, refer to the installation schedule to see when we'll be in your area.

Some customers may not get a notification letter, including those who need a new meter for maintenance reasons (outdated meter, malfunction, etc.). In these cases, the new meter will already include a new communications device.

How You Can Help

Be sure to let your employees know about the upcoming installation, and provide safe access to the natural gas meter by:

  • Clearing any obstructions, trimming plants or bushes
  • Unlocking any cabinets or gates that would block access

After we install the Advanced Meter communications device, you may still see our employees in the area conducting quality assurance tests on our system. Once validated, the Advanced Meter communications device will read and transmit your natural gas usage information to SoCalGas®.

View Your Energy Usage Online

Once the Advanced Meter communications device has been installed and we've verified that the read is accurate, you can access your information in several ways. For most small to medium sized businesses, the easiest way is online through My Business Account.