Commercial Direct Install Program

No Cost to You - Conserve Natural Gas and Save Money by Installing Energy Efficiency Products

Commercial Direct Install (CDI) Program is an excellent way for your business to reduce energy costs and save money. This program offers long-term energy savings to qualifying customers. Participation is easy. Everything including the assessment, energy-efficient products, and the installation are provided at no cost to you.

How Does the CDI Program Work:

A trained energy efficiency representative will contact you and arrange a time to visit your business and evaluate your energy or water use. This free assessment will identify areas where you can save energy and water and make recommendations for installing appropriate energy or water saving devices.

After the free assessment, the energy efficiency expert may recommend one or more of the following no cost products. 

Eligible Equipment Type:

Low-Flow Kitchen Pre-Rinse Spray Valves
Hot Water Tank Insulation
Hot Water Pipe Insulation
Low-Flow Aerators
Low-Flow Showerheads
Commercial Fitting Insulation
Storage or Tankless Water Heater – Copayment required
Laminar Flow Restrictor - Medical & Health Care Facilities Only

If you agree with the recommendations, the energy efficiency representative will have you sign an authorization form and schedule an appointment to install the products. 


The process and timing for this depends on the number of agreed upgrades and your availability. Our first priorities are safety and quality of work. The representative will be as efficient as possible and minimize our disruptions to your business. Additional time may be required if your location is selected for a quality assurance inspection. 

Customer Qualifications:

  • Have an active non-residential SoCalGas account in good standing
  • SoCalGas nonresidential customers with annual natural gas consumption less than 50,000 therms per year at the service facility
  • SoCalGas customers categorized as public and private schools, K-12 schools, private colleges, universities, educational services, and trade schools there is no 50,000 therms per year requirement
  • Fill out and sign the CDI Authorization Form

There’s no catch. This Program simply allow us to help your business use energy more efficiently, conserve precious resources, and improve your bottom line. To learn more about the Commercial Direct Install Program call 1-800-508-2348 or 213-244-4503.

Authorized Contractors

  • Synergy Companies