Strategic Energy Management Program

Control energy costs and improve operations

A Better Way to Drive Lasting Savings

Get organizational and technical support to improve operations and maintenance practices and upgrade equipment and in the process, help to reduce your energy costs. 

Program Description

SEM is a self-sustaining energy management system based on the well-established principles of process management and the Plan-Do-Check-Act process of continual improvement.  SEM helps businesses embed long-term energy management practices into the key areas of their operations: people, manufacturing systems, measurement, and organizational structure. The program focuses on changes in daily operations that engage staff at all levels of an organization in energy efficiency activities.

Why SEM is Unique

SEM focuses on people, not just projects and equipment. SEM motivates employees at industrial plants to bring about changes that may lead to long-lasting energy savings. Participants will form an energy team and work toward getting all employees engaged in energy-efficiency efforts. In order to build lasting relationships between the utility, customer, and SEM coaches that result in a strong pipeline of future energy-saving projects, engagement with SEM is for a two-year term.

Program Elements

  • Two-year term
  • Energy teams
  • Workshops
  • Energy models
  • Optimizing equipment
  • Energy performance tracking
  • On-site support

Benefits Can Include:

  • Long-lasting cost savings through lower utility bills
  • Cash incentives for energy-efficiency projects
  • Technical training for operations and maintenance staff
  • Energy toolkit containing data loggers and more
  • Learning and networking in a group of local plants
  • Custom energy models for your plant
  • Energy management training
  • Leadership development


  1. Must be an industrial customer of SoCalGas with an account in good standing
  2. Must have a minimum annual therm usage of 700,000

For more information about the SEM Program, contact your SoCalGas assigned account executive. 

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