The program offers energy consultation and assessment to multifamily property owners and managers. Learn how to improve tenant comfort, reduce energy use and secure your investment for the future.

How the Program Works

Natural Gas Incentives For All Customers

The program will implement maximum incentive levels based on the type of property.

  • Market Rate Projects can be incentivized up to 50% of total project cost. Market Rate is defined as any property that is not affordable.
  • Affordable Projects can be incentivized up to 65% project cost. To qualify for the Affordable Incentive Path, a project must be classified as a Disadvantaged Community (DAC) or Hard to Reach (HTR). To determine if a property qualifies as either DAC or HTR, please contact program support staff listed below. Additionally, projects that meet the Energy Savings Assistance program (ESA) guidelines are also eligible for the Affordable Incentive path. Please contact program staff below to determine eligibility.

Please note the total project incentive will be based on either: the tiered incentive structure determined by number of dwelling units at the property OR the maximum incentive level permitted, whichever is lower.

Program Eligibility Requirements

    • Natural gas service provided by SoCalGas.
    • Owner of existing multifamily property
    • Both market-rate and affordable housing properties are eligible.
    • Property must have three or more dwelling units.
    • Eligible properties are served on first-come, first-served basis.
    • Must use licensed contractor where applicable to install program measures. Must commit and show proof of financial ability to see project to completion.
    • Upgrades must be started in 2021 and completion date must be approved by SoCalGas.
    • May only begin work after a confirmation of reservation approval is received from SoCalGas.
    • Must install one major capital improvement minimum (referred to as a core measure).
    • A minimum of three measures required to be eligible (one core measure minimum).
    • SoCalGas energy efficiency experts are available to provide full terms and conditions and program requirements. For step-by-step guidance on how to maximize your rebates through whole-building upgrades, contact our team today.
    • May not receive energy efficiency incentive for the same product or the replacement of a product from more than one California Investor-Owned Utility (IOU) participating in this program or other third party programs offering rebates, financing and other incentives, funded by the Calfironai Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).
    • May not receive an incentive for any product for which they received an incentive from SoCalGas in the prior five years.


Energy Efficiency Incentives

The incentive amount corresponds to the level of energy efficiency achieved

Natural Gas Savings* Incentive Per Dwelling Unit**
7.5% $425
10% $570
12% $630
15% $750


Incentives For Customers of SoCalGas and LADWP

Notice to Program Participants

  • All projects that have been submitted and approved prior to November 13, 2020 must begin construction before December 31, 2020, AND, the project must be completed by March 31, 2021. Projects not completed by the March 31, 2021 deadline will forfeit the calculated utility incentives.

Multifamily On-Bill Financing

Find out how to apply for interest-free financing on qualifying energy-efficiency projects for your business.

Application and Resources

You can find a variety of program resources and applications here for your convenience.