Rebate and Incentive Testimonials

See how other business customers have taken advantage of our energy-saving rebates and incentives.

We offer millions of dollars in rebates and incentives to help business customers buy energy-efficient equipment. Here are just a few of the satisfied customers who've benefited from our most popular energy-efficiency improvements.

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Agriculture Testimonials

Greenhouse Heat Curtains

Rene Van Wingerden, owner of Ocean Breeze Nursery in Carpinteria, bought enough greenhouse heat curtains to receive our maximum rebate on this item for one year—$50,000. Then he waited until the next year to buy more, so that he could get more rebates. “They’re worth waiting for,” he said. “They cut my payback down from about eight years to about five years.”

Infrared Film

“Infrared film not only saves energy but diffuses light and improves growing conditions,” said Joe Goldberg, owner of Skyline Flowers, who received more than $25,000 in rebates from SoCalGas® for his infrared film purchases. “If you’re aware of the program and know what it offers, the rebates can be substantial for agriculture businesses.”

Energy Management Systems

Robert Akashi, owner of Sunnyland Nurseries, says his energy management system “does a better job than I did.” The system saves him about 4,800 therms a year, and SoCalGas provided a $3,850 incentive.

Zero-interest Loans

Do Right’s Nursery received a $25,000 rebate plus a $100,000 loan from SoCalGas to pay for greenhouse heat curtains. “My energy savings basically cover the loan payment,” said Dudley Davis, president.

Food Processing Testimonials


SoCalGas provided an incentive of $450,000 to help National Beef use biogas, which is a renewable source of natural gas. National Beef uses micro-organisms that produce biogas while consuming waste products. “The project gives us about a million therms of energy every year,” said vice president Brian Webb.


"SoCalGas' rebate program gave us a great deal on pipe and tank insulation," said Matt Rickerd, chief engineer at Puritan Bakery in Carson. "The insulation cost $6,175 but our $3,384 rebate paid for more than half of that."

Heat Recovery

We gave Land O' Lakes a $143,340 incentive for a heat exchanger which recycles the facility's waste heat. "We'll save much more through reduced energy use," said Chris Scheidt engineering projects manager for Land O' Lakes.

Zero-Interest Loan

Superior Cattle Feeders bought a new $112,500 boiler without paying a dime up-front. We provided a $54,300 incentive and a $58,200 zero-interest loan. "It's hard to say no to a deal like that," said manager Bob Lofton. (Eligibility rules and other restrictions apply. See .)


We gave Sees Candies $4,000 in rebates for four energy-efficient steam boilers.

Energy-efficiency Assessments

We provided no-cost on-site training for White Wave Foods to help verify about $100,000 per year in energy-efficiency savings through a number of projects such as increasing condensate recovery and reducing boiler blowdown. "The training helped provide the operational and economic justification for us to proceed with the projects," said Bob King, White Wave Foods' plant manager.

Food Service Testimonials


Carl's Jr. has received more than $22,000 in rebates from us for buying qualifying foodservice equipment. "We welcome the rebates but our primary cost savings comes from the energy efficiency of the new appliances," said Juliann Rogers, energy manager for Carl's Jr. Restaurants.

Food Service Equipment

"SoCalGas gave us $232,000 to help us satisfy our customers," said Doug Hardy, energy manager for RalphsFood 4 Less. The company received the rebate money after buying about 350 qualifying pieces of food service equipment in one year.

Food Service Equipment

We have given more than $25,000 in rebates to Safeway for energy-efficient combination ovens and double rack ovens. “We have a strong commitment to the environment, and we see energy efficiency as an important part of that commitment,” said Victor Munoz, corporate manager of energy utilization for Safeway.

Government Testimonials

Gas Engine Rebuild - City of Cerritos

The water utility for the City of Cerritos calls us when it plans overhauls or rebuilds of its gas engines. "SoCalGas gave us $7,500 to help us with our last overhaul," said Water Superintendent Charlie Emig. "They also correctly forecasted how much energy the rebuild would save us."

Heat Recovery - City of Thousand Oaks

We gave a $9,700 incentive to the City of Thousand Oaks to help recover heat from its cogeneration system that runs on digester gas. "Now we get essentially free space heating for our administration building," said Chuck Rogers plant, superintendent.

Healthcare Testimonials

Gas Air Conditioning Upgrade

We gave Huntington Memorial Hospital a $315,000 incentive for upgrading its gas air conditioning system with a package of improvements including enhanced heat exchangers and an energy management system with digital controls. "We now have much greater ability to maintain different temperatures in different areas and to program temperature changes at different times," said Tom Romeyn, director of plant services.


“We received more than $3,400 in rebates for about 1,700 feet of pipe insulation,” said Deepak Bhandari, energy resource specialist for Fairview Development Center. “We use insulation for both our hot and cold water pipes, which saves us significant amounts of energy at a relatively low cost.”

Hotel and Lodging Testimonials

Pool Heaters

Get a rebate of $3 per mBtu on qualifying pool heaters.

Dryers for In-house Laundries

We gave Hyatt Westlake Plaza a $4,400 incentive for replacing an older dryer with three energy-efficient units. "The new dryers give us greater reliability and more operating flexibility," said Scott McFarlane director of operations.

Hot Water Recycling Systems

We gave Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel an incentive of $18,000 for a hot water recycling system which purifies water through filtration ozone injection and ultraviolet disinfection. "Since the system injects ozone into the water it provides a gentler wash and prolongs the life cycle of our terry and linen products," said Mike Williams, director of engineering.

Cooking Equipment

We gave a $500 rebate to the restaurant at The Beverly Garland Hotel for a combination oven. "The combi oven is the most versatile appliance in my kitchen, and it's a proven energy saver," said Daniel Csotai, the restaurants executive chef.

Industrial and Manufacturing Testimonials


We gave about $2,000 in rebates to US Garment LLC for two energy-efficient boilers. “Our existing boiler was getting old, and the newer models were much smaller and much more efficient,” said Wesley Chung, the company’s president.

Custom Analog Oscillation Sequence

We gave an $80,000 incentive to Schlosser Forge for upgrading its furnace with a custom analog oscillation sequence. "I've reached efficiencies I hadn't thought possible," said Schlossers Mike McBride. "I thought we would get about a 10 percent improvement but we got about 30 percent."


We gave Guardian Glass a $40,000 incentive for furnace insulation. “It’s saving us about 780,000 therms a year for one furnace,” said Phillip Newell, Guardian’s project engineer.

Thermal Oxidizers

"We received $13,000 from SoCalGas for upgrading our existing oxidizer with a new sensor a programmable logic control and a variable speed drive for the blower," said Caryn Fitleberg, vice president of operations for PolyPak America.

Zero Interest Loan

“SoCalGas gave me a $50,000 loan* with no interest, no points and no fees,” said Jeff Mueller, president of American Die Casting Company. "It was a no-brainer.”
*Eligibility rules and other restrictions apply. See .

Energy-efficiency Assessments

“I saved $22,000 without spending a dime,” said Yusheng Shew, president of Tri J Heat Treating. He asked for SoCalGas’ energy-efficiency assessment, performed at no cost, which identified the most efficient furnaces. “Using that information, I reorganized my work flow to maximize the use of those furnaces,” he said.

School and University Testimonials


We gave Montebello Unified School District more than $3,900 in rebates for space-heating boilers. "Energy-efficient boilers run quieter, smoother and longer," said Derrick Williams, the district's energy manager. "There's less stress on the internal components, so there's less to go wrong - and that means less maintenance."

Storage Water Heaters

Azusa Pacific University has received over $5,000 in rebates from us since 2006 for boilers and storage water heaters. "The rebates can really add up if you look out for them whenever you buy new equipment," said Toney Snyder, Azusa Pacific's assistant director of environmental stewardship.

Steam Traps

"SoCalGas' rebates are a tremendous help for our steam trap replacement program," said Patrick Simone, UC Riverside's assistant director for energy and utility operations. "We've received more than $8,000 in rebates for new steam traps in less than a year."

Pool Heaters

We gave the San Bernardino City Unified School District more than $18,000 in rebates for installing energy-efficient pool heaters. "The new units have cut our pool heating bills by 25 percent," said John Marshall, plumbing supervisor for the district.

Food Service Equipment

We've given more than $9,400 in rebates to Chapman University, mostly for high-efficiency fryers and combination ovens. "Steam roasting with the combis gives us a beautiful end product that you can't get with conventional ovens," said Chef Jim Douglas, who oversees Chapman's foodservice operations. "And the new fryers have their own filter and pump system, so they're much easier to clean."

Water Supply and Treatment Testimonials

Engine Overhaul

“SoCalGas gave us $7,500 to help us overhaul a gas engine,” said Charles Emig, water superintendent for the City of Cerritos. “They also correctly forecasted how much energy the rebuild would save us. We always call them when we’re thinking about engine overhauls or rebuilds.”

Heat Recovery

We gave a $7,700 incentive to the City of Thousand Oaks to help recover heat from its cogeneration system that runs on digester gas. “Now we get essentially free space heating for our administration building,” said Chuck Rogers, plant superintendent. “And I’m saving about 40,000 therms per year.”