Solar Water Heating for Business

Use the strength of the sun in your business.

The CSI-Thermal Program closed to new applications on July 31, 2020. Applicants with projects that have received a confirmed reservation are still able to complete their projects and submit their incentive claim within their 18-month reservation window. 

What is Solar Water Heating?

A solar water heating system captures the warmth of the sun and uses it to reliably heat water for your business. Installing a system could help lower your natural gas bill, and help your business go green. A solar water heating system is comprised of four parts: A solar power collector, a pump, a heat exchanger and a water tank. The collector gathers thermal energy from the sun, which is used to warm heat transfer liquids. Once those liquids get hot enough, they are pumped into a heat exchanger, which warms the water in the tank. That water then flows into a business’s hot water heater, where it can be used for things like baths, showers, swimming pools, spas, dishwashers, washing machines and industrial boilers. Solar water heating systems work in tandem with natural gas-based systems, which will provide your business with hot water during overcast and rainy days. 

Why Should I Invest in a Solar Water Heating System?

Solar water heating systems are great for the environment and for the bottom line. To start they can reduce the energy usage of a business or multifamily property that requires a lot of hot water. While the energy and financial saving each individual business will receive from a solar water heating system will vary, apartment rental companies, hoteliers, restaurants, spas and laundromats can help lower their monthly utility bills and improve profitability by going solar over time.