Learn about the programs we offer to help our customers use energy more efficiently.

The following energy-efficiency third-party programs are approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and are administered by SoCalGas®. Contractors were selected through a competitive bid process to implement the program under a contract awarded by SoCalGas.

Business Programs

Program Description Contact Information
On-Premise Ozone Laundry (OPOL) Program
This program delivers energy savings by installing ozone laundry systems for small- to medium-sized hotels, fitness centers, and health centers (including nursing homes, convalescent homes, hospices, and hospitals) with 250 or fewer rooms.   In addition to offering a rebate per pound of washer capacity, the OPOL also features:  
  • Providing a two-year maintenance plan, at no-cost to the customer, with post-installation service visits to physically inspect the equipment.
  • Offering a final persistence incentive at the end of the two-year maintenance plan for customers who continue to use the ozone laundry technology. 
  • Providing training for the customer to properly operate the equipment and optimize its benefits. 
  • Assisting customers who need financing with the SoCalGas On-Bill Financing (OBF) process. 
Blackstone Research Solutions, Inc. 
Steve Kim
(562) 790-8010
SoCalGas Administrator 
Mark Huerta
(213) 244-4661
Energy Advantage Program for Small Business (EAP)
The EAP partners with the SBA504 Loan Program to identify opportunities to offer technical assistance, financial analysis, and rebate and incentives support to small and medium business (SMB) owners who are already financing capital projects for their facilities. Once referred, the EAP staff will work with the borrower to:
  1. Evaluate energy-efficiency measure options through site audits and design review.
  2. Model cash flow and ROI scenarios for measures and measure bundles.
  3. Facilitate rebate and incentive applications to secure SoCalGas commitments.
Contractor CB&I

Keith Reed
(925) 876-8778
SoCalGas Administrator
Nicole Fejeran
(213) 244-4367
Instant Rebates! Point of Sale Food Service Program
The Instant Rebates! program provides non-residential customers with point-of-sale rebates for qualifying commercial kitchen equipment. Getting rebates for qualifying commercial equipment has never been easier. Call Energy Solutions to identify a participating vendor and enjoy a hassle-free rebate at the register when you purchase.
Energy Solutions
Instant Rebates! Support
(714) 787-1098
SoCalGas Administrator
Nicole Fejeran
(213) 244-4367
Program for Resource Efficiency in Private and Public Schools (PREPPS)
This program is to help eligible private preschool, K–12 schools, colleges and universities, and trade and technical schools or public K-12 school customers, to reduce energy use and energy costs. Program activities and services will include customer screening, comprehensive energy audit reports, rebates, bonuses and installation support services.
(844) 882-5745
SoCalGas Administrator
Nicole Fejeran
(213) 244-4367
Small Industrial Facility Upgrades
The program is for small industrial customers to deliver custom and deemed natural gas savings. Program offerings include, but are not limited to, improvements for heat recovery, process equipment replacement and equipment modernization, furnace and oven improvements, excess air reduction, on-site audits to identify energy savings opportunities and design assistance to help customers understand the best ways to achieve energy savings.
Contact: Laura Cummings
(415) 965-3017
SoCalGas Administrator
Nicole Fejeran
(213) 244-4367
Sustainability Circles
This program provides access to leaders in sustainability that coach small and mid-sized business customers to help them improve profitability, operational efficiency and employee/community engagement by adopting comprehensive sustainability practices.
Outcomes may include improved energy, resource and operational efficiency, increased profit, enhanced employee/stakeholder engagement, risk mitigation and demonstrated community leadership.
REV (formerly True Market Solutions)

Contact: Ann O'Neill
(858) 926-6101
SoCalGas Administrator
Glenda Towns
(213) 244-3659
Connect Program
The Connect Program is an innovative energy efficiency commercial outreach and improvement program aimed at overcoming energy efficiency adoption barriers by providing analysis, business case development and incentive services to key stakeholders in the commercial real estate market.

The program focuses on the deployment of natural gas energy conservation measures in office, retail, healthcare, mixed-use and light industrial spaces within SoCalGas territory.
Waypoint Building Group, Inc.
Contact: Daniel Handal
(415) 757-6252
SoCalGas Administrator
Susan Apeles
(213) 244-4265

Residential and Business Outreach Energy-Efficiency Programs

Program Description Contact Information
LivingWise® School Program
This program combines classroom learning and home retrofit/audit projects completed by sixth grade students and their parents. It provides a LivingWise Activity Kit for each customer.

Resource Action Programs
www.getwise.org *
Contact: Mike Gross
(888) 438-9473
Email: mgross@resourceaction.com

SoCalGas Administrator
Mark Huerta
(213) 244-4661

HERS Advanced Rater Training Program
This program will provide advanced training and education delivered both in the classroom and online. Training is for currently certified HERS raters, energy analysts, and others involved in new and retrofit residential construction. Attendees will be trained with the goals of quality installation and maximizing energy savings in their projects. Training will cover new technology, new codes and standards, installation and testing techniques, and design approaches to ensure they are properly and consistently modeled, installed and verified.

ContractorConservation Services Group (CSG)
www.csgrp.com *

Gregory Kozykoski
(310) 469-5600

Kathleen Armstrong
(209) 966-3153

SoCalGas Administrator
Ron Sugimoto
(714) 634-5070

Community Language Efficiency Outreach (CLEO) Program
This program promotes SoCalGas energy-efficiency programs and provides education and training to customers in our service territory who speak Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Spanish as their first language. The program will also address the needs of the African American community. Offerings include interactive workshops and community booths, as well as low-cost and no-cost recommendations for improving energy efficiency.

Global Energy Services, Inc.
www.cleosave.com *
Contact: Basu Mukherjee
(909) 860-5300

SoCalGas Administrator
Mark Huerta
(213) 244-4661

PACE Energy-Savings Project
This program promotes energy-efficiency programs in the SoCalGas service area. The primary focus is to target residential and small business customers belonging to the Chinese, Korean, Hispanic, Filipino and Vietnamese communities.

Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment (PACE)
www.pacela.org *
Contact: Celia Andrade
(213) 989-3189

SoCalGas Administrator
Mark Huerta
(213) 244-4661


New Technology Energy-Efficiency Programs

Contact Information
California Sustainability Alliance
The California Sustainability Alliance (www.sustainca.org*) is a cross-cutting market transformation, marketing and outreach program. It is designed to increase and accelerate adoption of energy efficiency by packaging it with complementary "sustainability" measures such as energy and water use efficiency, renewable energy, smart transit-oriented development, waste management and transportation management. The ultimate goal of the program is market transformation leading to resource acquisition.

Navigant Consulting, Inc.
Contact: Craig McDonald
(303) 728-2461

SoCalGas Administrator
Carlo Gavina
(213) 244-3313

Portfolio of the Future Program
This program is designed to identify the market commercialization of emerging technologies that can improve energy efficiency and reduce reliance on natural gas supplies in the Southern California market at an accelerated pace.

Navigant Consulting, Inc.
www.NavigantConsulting.com *
Contact: Jay Paidipati
(415) 399-2191

SoCalGas Administrator
Karen Mar
(213) 244-5840


Campus Housing

Program Description Contact Information
On-Demand Efficiency Program for Campus Housing (Demand Controls for Central Domestic Water Heaters) 
This program addresses a method of decreasing the natural gas consumption of central domestic hot water (CDHW) systems with recirculation loops in existing campus housing units by installing demand controls on hot water re-circulation systems.

Benningfield Group
Contact: Phil Barnes
(916) 221-3110 Ext. 36

SoCalGas Administrator
Veronica Padilla
(213) 244-3213


Programs are administered under a contract awarded by SoCalGas. Programs are funded by California utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). California customers are not obligated to purchase any products or services offered by these programs. The trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.