Trade Professional Spotlight

The Cleaner's Mart

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    The Cleaner’s Mart, based out of Los Angeles, is a dry cleaning and laundry equipment supplier and contractor. It primarily serves customers in the dry cleaning and textiles industries, and one of its specialties is in steam traps.

    Steam traps are a type of automatic valve and are commonly found in businesses that use a lot of steam. They play an important role in the steam heating system, discharging condensates and non-condensable gases, such as air, while reducing steam loss. When steam traps fail, excess steam escapes, so more steam is needed. Thus, proper maintenance and replacement of faulty steam traps are important.

    The Cleaners Mart has conducted steam trap surveys and replaced faulty equipment, as necessary, at many dry cleaners throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. By taking advantage of SoCalGas rebates, these businesses have been able to save money and decrease their energy use at the same time.

Superior Laundry Systems By Advantage

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    Superior Laundry Systems by Advantage provides energy efficiency solutions for organizationsusing commercial washers and dryers, such as fitness clubs, hotels, and health facilities. One of its specialties is modulating gas valves (or natural gas modulating controllers).

    Superior Laundry Systems started out in Northern California and is rapidly expanding throughout the Western U.S. In its first project in Southern California, the company installed three modulating gas valve kits at a Los Angeles area nursing home. SoCalGas assisted with $2,250 in rebates.

    Modulating gas valves are a retrofit that make commercial gas dryers more energy efficient. Dryers come with only on or off burner valves, but installing a modulating gas valve adds a medium setting and temperature monitor. Demand for heat decreases during the drying cycle as moisture evaporates; using real time monitoring, the valve goes to medium when appropriate. This avoids overshooting the set temperature and results in shorter, low level burn times, especially in the second half of the cycle. As a result, less natural gas is used, typically by 20-30%, which helps customers save money on their utility bills. There is also reduced wear on linens from decreased exposure to high heat.

ACT Inc. and Extended Stay America

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    ACT Inc. manufactures the ON D’MAND line of recirculating pump controllers, which help buildings with 24/7 hot water recirculation reduce their natural gas and electricity consumption. They do this by cutting recirculation run time from 24 hours to just 2-3 hours per day. Customers never see or feel a change in the delivery of their hot water and typically see a return on investment in less than a year. Further, the controller can help increase the life of water heaters and boilers by up to 25%.
    In 2019, ACT Inc. conducted a field test of its D’MAND Controller at Extended Stay America – Cypress, and results show that the reduction in the run time of the water pump led to an 18.5% decrease in natural gas use. Because of this, the hotel is expected to save over $1,300 on their utility bill annually.
    Following the success of the field test and with a strong commitment to sustainability, Extended Stay America has installed D’MAND Controllers at dozens of locations throughout Southern California and the Pacific Northwest, with SoCalGas assisting with $25,000 in rebates. So the next time you stay at an Extended Stay America, thank ACT Inc. for delivering your room’s hot shower and sink water! 

Parker Boiler and Pacific Uniform

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    Pacific  Uniform, a laundry service provider for rental uniforms in Carson, CA, recently installed a Low NOx Premix Technology Steam Boiler manufactured by Parker Industrial Boiler. Using direct steam injections, this new unit will bring the washers’ water temperature to 180 degrees, getting dirty laundry looking and smelling fresh and clean for a perfect looking uniform. 
    Pacific Uniform also added an economizer that boosts the boiler’s efficiency to over 84%. This will allow the company to save an extra $5,000 per year in energy costs, so the economizer will pay for itself in less than two years. The company saved even more with a SoCalGas rebate of over $3,000 for the boiler! 

Knorr Systems and the City of Irvine

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    Knorr Systems provides equipment, service, training, and daily operations for aquatic facilities throughout the Western and South-Central United States. Among its customers is the City of Irvine’s William Woollett Jr. Aquatics Center, a world class venue for local, national, and international aquatic events with two side-by-side 50m pools and one 25m by 25yd pool. It even hosted one of the swimming events at the 1984 Summer Olympics! 
    Given the rarity of having two 50m side-by-side pools, in 2013, the Woollett Aquatics Center was chosen to test the effectiveness and efficiency of the then-new 96% thermally efficient Lochinvar AQUAS condensing indirect pool heating system. While one pool kept its original 89% thermally efficient direct-fired boiler, the other used the AQUAS system, installed by Knorr Systems. Both pools were kept at the same temperature. Findings from the study concluded that the pool with the AQUAS system used 20% less natural gas than the one with a direct-fired heater.
    The City has since upgraded all its pools with the AQUAS system, including the Northwood High School Aquatic Center earlier in 2019. With Knorr Systems' help, the City of Irvine is a stellar example of what a forward-thinking city can accomplish in energy efficiency while providing top-quality facilities to local citizens and the international aquatics community. 

OMNI and Buena Vista Care Center

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    OMNI Solutions provides laundry cleaning and sanitization solutions and technologies to healthcare, hospitality, and commercial institutions. Among the company’s customers is Buena Vista Care Center, a nursing home and rehabilitation center in Anaheim, CA.
    After installing OMNI’s LUX Advanced Oxidation Hydroxyl Laundry System, Buena Vista Care Center has saved approximately $1,100 a month on its utility bills, which covers the cost of its monthly supply of laundry cleaning products. It additionally received an equipment rebate of over $4,000 via the SoCalGas Trade Professional Program. Along with these cost savings, the center’s staff has been thrilled with OMNI’s attention to customer service, as well as the LUX system’s disinfection capabilities. The facility’s linens look, smell, and feel better than ever!