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Ways to Save Tool for Businesses

Learn about our personalized Ways to Save tool that can help you find ways to save energy and money for your business.

Take control of your natural gas usage and start saving today with the Ways to Save tool.

Complete your Energy Profile to get your business energy analysis, along with customized energy-efficiency recommendations. Create an energy action plan, track and update your progress, and see how your actions help you save energy and money.

Benefits of Ways to Save

By using Ways to Save you’ll get:

  • Custom recommendations
    Based on your responses to your Energy Profile, you’ll see your business’ unique energy-saving options.
  • Programs and rebate information
    See how participating in energy-saving programs fits into your business action plan.
  • Quick access to usage data
    Access historical bills in various formats, and use our tool to analyze your usage over time.

How to Get Started

Simply log in to Business My Account and click on the Ways to Save tab to start using the tool. If you haven't registered for My Account yet, you can easily create an account today.