Ryder System

See how a leading provider of supply-chain management solutions is helping reduce C02 emissions and lower customer fuel-costs.

Ryder System, Inc., a leading provider of commercial transportation and supply-chain management solutions, helps customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia operate more efficiently for their bottom lines and for the environment.

One area in which Ryder is making significant inroads is providing compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles for rent or lease to commercial customers. Ryder clients taking advantage of the fuel cost savings and environmental benefits of CNG in California include a national office supply chain as well as a regional discount retail chain, which signed a Ryder lease for a fleet of 40 CNG fueled trucks. In Southern California, the reliable source for CNG is SoCalGas®.

CNG: Abundant and Reliable

"With natural gas technology, you can invest in a long-term domestic energy source that’s clean and abundant."

Ryder has found that CNG is reliable and efficient. It's domestically available and its use reduces the country’s dependence on foreign oil. CNG is more in demand than ever, with additional companies asking SoCalGas about switching their fleets to the alternative fuel.

“With natural gas technology, you can invest in a long-term domestic energy source that’s clean and abundant,” according to Ryder. “With more predictable pricing, you can minimize uncertainty and save money — today and tomorrow.”

Ryder: Recognized for Green Leadership

Ryder’s use of alternative fuels has garnered praise in the business world. Inbound Logistics magazine has included Ryder in its Green Partners listing for five years in a row, and Newsweek has included Ryder in its ranking of the top 500 green U.S. companies for three years in a row.

CNG-fueled vehicles contribute to a company’s green credentials just as they reduce toxic pollutants in the atmosphere. Clean-burning CNG can reduce trucks’ carbon monoxide emissions by 90 to 97 percent, and carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 25 percent. CNG-powered fleets, with no smog-producing particulate emissions, are a step on the path toward eliminating air pollution and reducing the reliance on petroleum imports.

Cutting Costs with CNG

Ryder has been able to offset the costs of its new CNG trucks through air-quality and other agency grants. Ryder’s partnership with the San Bernardino Associated Governments and

"Natural gas is much more competitively priced across the marketplace compared to traditional diesel products."
the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Clean Cities Coalition began in 2010 and includes the deployment of 202 heavy-duty natural gas-powered vehicles in Southern California. The $38.7-million project is being funded as part of a joint public/private industry partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy, the California Energy Commission and Ryder.

Now Ryder’s customers are paying far less for CNG than they would for diesel. As the cost of diesel fuel has spiked and become more volatile, the price of natural gas has remained stable.

“It’s an economic discussion,” says Scott Perry, Ryder’s vice president of supply-chain management. “Natural gas is much more competitively priced across the marketplace compared to traditional diesel products.”

Customers Demanding CNG

More companies than ever are asking for natural gas vehicles, Ryder reports. Businesses are making the transition from diesel-fueled fleets to those powered by natural gas. “We are hearing from many customers who are interested in taking advantage of the cost-saving and environmental benefits of natural gas,” says Perry.

It makes smart business sense: The fuel is cost effective, environmentally sound and available throughout Southern California.

SoCalGas: The CNG Experts

SoCalGas is the region’s expert in CNG. It partners with its customers in finding the right fleet solutions with CNG, whether a business needs its own fueling station or opts to utilize the network of public fueling stations throughout the region.

SoCalGas account executives work with fleet clients to connect them with resources for grants, tax credits and other incentives from public agencies that are encouraging or requiring businesses to use alternative fuels. The experts at SoCalGas offer the technical support that clients need to make the switch to CNG.

Ryder: Six Million Miles on CNG…and Counting

Ryder recently passed the six-million mile mark with its fleet of natural gas vehicles — including 215 CNG tractors — in California, Arizona and Michigan. Since Ryder deployed its natural gas truck program in 2011, its vehicles have displaced approximately 923,000 gallons of diesel fuel with domestically produced natural gas. It has eliminated more than 2,300 metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions.

“We are committed to being a leader in providing flexible solutions that enable companies to successfully implement alternative fuel programs in their commercial truck operations,” says Ryder’s Perry. “It is sustainability made simple.”

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