Combined-Heat-and-Power (CHP) Calculator

See how different CHP Technologies could save your business money

The Combined-Heat-and-Power (CHP) Calculator is an on-line tool that will help you compare the estimated cost savings and payback periods associated with several CHP technologies based on your company’s energy demands and energy costs, both electric and natural gas. The calculations use average pricing, efficiencies, and maintenance costs provided by various CHP technology vendors that sell systems in Southern California.
The Calculator will present comparative data for the following technologies:
  • Rich-burn Reciprocating Engine
  • Lean-burn Reciprocating Engine
  • Micro Turbine
  • Natural Gas Turbine
  • Fuel Cell 
You will need to input the following information about your business’ energy consumption into the Calculator:
  • Size of Electric Generator (kW)
  • Hours of Operation (Hrs/Year)
  • Average Electric Energy Charge ($/kWH)
  • Electric Demand Charge ($/kW)
  • Average Cost of Natural Gas ($/Therm)
You can find some of these data points on your company’s electric and natural gas bills.
The Calculator results are intended solely for informational purposes and as a preliminary evaluation of a potential CHP installation. SoCalGas makes no express or implied representation that the calculator is free from error or suitable for any particular use or purpose. SoCalGas assumes no responsibility for any use thereof by you, and you should discuss decisions related to this subject with your own advisors and experts, which may include a qualified engineering firm, appropriate manufacturers of power generation equipment and your local utilities.