Performance Data Providers and CA Suppliers

Learn about Performance Data Provider (PDP) requirements and how to become an approved California Manufacturer.

System owners participating in the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) with projects 30 kW and larger are required to install performance meters to determine the net energy generated by their generation equipment.

This data may be read and communicated to the Program Administrator (PA) by an approved third-party Performance Data Provider (PDP). All system owners of SGIP projects (under the Performance Based Incentive (PBI) program requirements) can choose to either; apply for PDP status or contract with an approved PDP to submit performance data complying with the applicable minimum standards as defined in the SGIP Handbook.

PDP Application Process

You can apply to qualify as a PDP for the SGIP at any point in time; however, you're encouraged to apply as soon as possible in order to avoid a delay in payments.

To apply as a PDP:

  1. Complete the SGIP Performance Data Provider (PDP) Application* and provide all documentation in the attached questionnaire. Contact information is provided in the PDP instructions.
  2. The Program Administrator will review the submitted documentation and determine if you meets the program requirements.

Approved Performance Data Providers are required to comply with the PDP File Format Specification.* For more information, please contact the Program Administrator in the utility service territory in which you would like to offer PDP services.

California Manufacturer Status

You may be eligible for an additional 20 percent incentive if you qualify as a California Manufacturer. Please note that "California Suppliers" who've previously been approved by the SGIP Working Group are required to reapply under new program rules, per Decision (D.)16-06-055.

California Manufacturer Application Process

If you want to be considered for the California Manufacturer status by the SGIP:

  1. Complete the Request for California Manufacturer Status* document
  2. Submit it to

A project may forfeit the California Manufacturer adder if the attached document isn't completed and approved by the SGIP Working Group prior to the submission of the project’s Incentive Claim Form (ICF). Once you've been approved for California Manufacturer Status they no longer need to submit the Request for California Manufacturer Status. List of approved California Manufacturers*

Before June 23, 2017, projects may include the 20% adder to their incentive if they apply with a pre -D.16-06-055 eligible CA Supplier. However, in order for these projects to receive the 20% adder at the time of payment, the pre -D.16-06-055 eligible CA Supplier must meet the new CA Manufacturer requirements by the time the project reaches the Incentive Claim stage.