Renewable Natural Gas


What is Renewable Natural Gas?

See how renewable natural gas is derived from organic waste materials.


SoCalGas is procuring Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) to meet our climate goals.


New or Expanded RNG Interconnection Receipt Points

Learn how to set up a new or expanded interconnection receipt point to deliver renewable natural gas to SoCalGas.


Biomethane Monetary Incentive Program

Find out how California’s biomethane monetary incentive program can help offset the cost  of interconnecting with SoCalGas’ pipeline system.


Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading Services Tariff

Find out how to take advantage of our Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading Services Tariff for your business.

Additional Information and Resources:

  • Industry List – SoCalGas has compiled a list that includes equipment vendors, developers, engineering firms and others who are active participants and service providers in the RNG industry  
  • Supplier List – SoCalGas is building a list where companies interested in using RNG can easily find information on current and future RNG suppliers
  • Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading Services (BCS) Tariff – SoCalGas offers an optional service to facilitate RNG project development for customers. Non-utility service providers may offer the same or similar services as the BCS Tariff.
  • RNG Toolkit – SoCalGas provides a packet that offers a wide range of information relating to RNG and interconnecting to SoCalGas pipelines.

For more information on renewable natural gas, please contact marketdevelopment@socalgas.com