Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas®) must receive the approval of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for its energy efficiency programs as funded by Public Goods Charge (as authorized by PU Code Section 890-900). In October 2015, the CPUC adopted Decision (D.15-10-028), which established a “Rolling Portfolio” process for regularly reviewing and revising energy efficiency program administrators’ portfolios. In August 2016, the CPUC adopted D.16-08-019, which provided further policy guidance on rolling portfolio elements and the transition to statewide and third-party programs and their administrations. In January 2017, SoCalGas filed a Business Plan Application for Energy Efficiency program years 2018 through 2025. In January 2018, the CPUC issued D.18-01-004, addressing the required process for third party solicitations in the context of the rolling portfolio energy efficiency programs overseen by the investor-owned utility (IOU) program administrators. Pursuant to D.18-01-004, the IOUs, are required to utilize procurement review groups (PRGs) for design and conduct of solicitations, as well as add an independent evaluator (IE) structure, and are directed to post an up-to-date schedule of planned third-party solicitation on their websites.

This site contains information on the third-party solicitation process, key filings and reports in support of SoCalGas’ Energy Efficiency Programs, and also links to other energy efficiency information resources.

SoCalGas’ Energy Efficiency Program Reports can also be found on the California Energy Data and Reporting System webpage* hosted by the CPUC. This site allows public access to CPUC Energy Efficiency Program documents and information including:

  • Energy Efficiency Program Implementation Plans
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reports
  • California Energy Efficiency Programs guidance, news, and announcements

The reports can be found by going to the toolbar, clicking on Monthly Reports, and then selecting the appropriate option.

Energy Efficiency Annual Report

Third Party Solicitation Process

Procurement Review Groups

Procurement Review Groups (PRGs) will be utilized for energy efficiency third-party solicitations. PRGs shall advise the IOUs to ensure solicitations for new third-party programs proceed with adequate oversight and to verify the IOUs’ compliance with their solicitation protocols. PRGs are made up of non-financially-interested parties, including CPUC Energy Division Staff and the Office of Ratepayer Advocates. Membership in a PRG is approved by the Director of the CPUC’s Energy Division. If you are a non-financially-interested party and are interested in becoming a member of SoCalGas’ PRGs or a PRG involved in statewide solicitations, please review the standard PRG materials for more information.

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