Advanced Meter Public Workshop

Workshop Summary

SoCalGas hosted a public workshop at the Energy Resource Center in Downey on October 4, 2010 to present its draft outreach and conservation support plan for the advanced meter project.

During the workshop, about 50 customer and community representatives had the opportunity to learn about the advanced meter technology, preview draft customer communication and education pieces, view a live demonstration of the installation process and participate in breakout sessions to provide feedback to the draft plan.

Anne Shen Smith, Chief Operating Officer, provided opening remarks and shared her appreciation for the attendees’ participation. Patti Wagner, Vice President of Information Technology, provided an overview of the advanced meter project. Both executives, alongside the advanced meter team, fielded questions and provided essential information about the benefits the new meters will bring to customers.

Overview of feedback received

Breakout sessions were conducted focusing on three key target groups: residential, business, and community. Attendees provided positive and constructive feedback on how SoCalGas was planning ahead to educate and engage customers about the new technology. They were pleased that the utility was raising awareness on energy conservation and reaching out to hard-to-reach communities (disabled, minority, small businesses, etc). Attendees appreciated that SoCalGas’ outreach and conservation support plan was all inclusive and that it considered customers with special needs.

Some suggestions to consider

  • Provide more details as to how SoCalGas will be working with community- and faith-based organizations to provide outreach support.
  • Look into new outreach ideas, such as leveraging local homeowners’ organizations or retiree groups.
  • Suggested customer-focused education and use more graphics and familiar terms such as dollar-savings, rather than "therms."
  • Address other important topics, such as costs, security, reliability, jobs and safety.

Customer Outreach and Conservation Support Plan

The plan and appendices are provided here in downloadable PDF format.


A. TAP Presentation

B. TAP Minutes

C. Public Outreach Materials

D. Public Outreach Participants

E. Academic Bibliography

F. Sample Advanced Meter Communication Approaches/Materials

G. Customer Experience Articles

H. Preliminary Community Analysis (by County)

I. Advanced Meter Tactical Framework