Technical Advisory Panel (TAP)

About the TAP

The TAP is an expert group, established by SoCalGas, to provide advice and input on the advanced meter project.

SoCalGas works collaboratively with TAP members to exchange ideas, advice and feedback regarding customer and program needs.


The TAP draws from the collective expertise of regulatory agencies, technical experts and community leaders for advice and best practices related to the installation of advanced meters.

TAP members include representatives of the following groups:

  • California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
    • Division of Ratepayer Advocates (DRA)
    • Energy Division
    • Business and Community Outreach (BCO)
  • California Energy Commission (CEC)
  • Subject Matter Experts
    • Technology
    • Behavioral Science
    • Community Leaders

Meeting Frequency

SoCalGas will meet with the TAP two to four times a year. The meetings are public and updates are communicated to TAP members throughout the installation of the advanced meter project.

Presentation and Workshop