Natural Gas Is Dependable and Secure

Find out why natural gas is one of the most dependable and secure energy sources available.

Natural gas is an abundant, domestically-produced fuel you can count on to always be there for your family’s energy needs.

There When You Need It

You can rely on natural gas being there when you need it. Natural gas is the primary fuel for heating homes, with more than 90 percent in Southern California using natural gas for space and water heating.

Some natural gas appliances work even when the electricity is out, but you may need to start them yourself. For example, in a power outage, many natural gas stoves can be lit with a match, so you are able to cook and bake during an electrical outage.

Since natural gas pipelines run underground, they’re not typically subject to common weather-related accidents or other problems that affect power lines. So, natural gas outages are rare.

Plentiful supplies of natural gas are available whether or not the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. We’re able to store natural gas during the warmer summer months and dispatch it as needed in the colder season via an efficient and highly reliable delivery system.

Increasing America’s Energy Security

Thanks to recently discovered natural gas supplies, the U.S. is now the world’s largest producer of natural gas, reducing our reliance on foreign energy. Natural gas is poised to become the foundation fuel for our economy – heating homes, cooking food, fueling vehicles, creating jobs, generating electricity and complementing our renewable energy sources for decades to come.

The use of natural gas for transportation is seeing exponential growth, which will provide more energy security, reduce greenhouse gases and contribute to cleaner air. As natural gas use expands in the heavy-duty transportation, marine, ports and rail segments, we will enjoy lower fuel costs and long-term cost savings.

Courtesy of the American Gas Association.