Pismo Beach - James Way Replacement

  • West End Replacement Location: James Way, near 5 Cities Drive

  • East End Replacement Location: James Way, near Shamrock Lane

  • Projected Start Date: December, 2016

  • Projected End Date: March, 2017

  • Traffic Impacts: The replacement operation is expected to take approximately 12 weeks to complete. The excavation and pipeline installation work will be conducted in a series of sections, one-at-a-time. While each section is being worked on, eastbound and westbound traffic on James Way will be reduced to one lane in and around the construction area and traffic will alternate between directions as controlled by flaggers. Lane reductions will be in effect during work hours only, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., and will be marked with traffic cones and signs. People passing by a work site may see an excavation, equipment, vehicles and traffic control signage. The nearby community may also hear some work-related noise and notice an occasional natural gas odor.

  • Construction Update: Construction activities will continue the week of March 6, 2017, on James Way between Highland Drive and Shamrock Lane. Construction crews will be completing the line seasoning, tying in the line, backfilling and cleaning up the construction sites. Please watch for detours and reduced speed signs near large construction equipment. Traffic control measures will be in place like lane reductions marked with traffic cones and signs during working hours.

Flags indicate the general endpoints of the Pismo Beach-James Way pipeline replacement work area.