Pasadena - Lake Avenue and Mountain Street - Pipeline Replacement

SoCalGas® is dedicated to maintaining the safety and integrity of our natural gas transmission pipelines. We routinely perform various pipeline maintenance and safety tasks, including; patrolling, inspecting, testing, repairing and replacing pipelines. Upgrading our pipeline system helps enhance public safety and helps ensure that we can continue to reliably provide natural gas to homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and power plants.

There is a construction project to upgrade the natural gas distribution pipelines in Pasadena on Lake Avenue, Bell Street and Mountain Street.

Project Details

  • Estimated Start Date: June 10, 2019
  • Estimated End Date: October 29, 2020

Status Update for 10/19/20:  

Stripping traffic lanes.

Closure 1:  Lake Avenue to Madison Avenue.
Detour 1: Vehicles will be routed northbound on Lake, westbound on Claremont, and southbound on Los Robles. 

Closure 2: Madison Avenue Marengo Avenue
Detour 2: Vehicles will be routed northbound on El Molino, eastbound on Claremont St and southbound on Marengo Ave

Closure 3: Marengo Avenue to Lake Avenue
Detour 3: Vehicles will be routed southbound on Marengo, eastbound on E Orange Grove, and northbound on Lake.

There will be stripping in the intersection of Lake and Mountain. NO detours will occur. Quick and temporary single lane closures will occur to strip the intersection.

Flagmen and traffic control crews will be on site to guide traffic and possibly shorten the length of these detours where applicable.


What to Expect

  • Daily lane closure(s)
  • SoCalGas and/or its contractors’ trucks with trailers may be in the area
  • Digging to lay new pipeline underground
  • Intermittent dust from construction work
  • Occasional construction noises
  • Materials and tools in staging areas
  • Temporary closure of the entry/exit gates while construction work is underway

People passing by a work site may see excavation, equipment, vehicles, and traffic control signage. The nearby community may also hear some work-related noise. Be assured businesses will be open during construction and you will be able to get home to your family.

After all inspections have been completed, a SoCalGas technician will arrive at your home to transfer your service to the new system and, with your permission, check that the natural gas appliances inside your home are operating safely.

Contact Information

Outreach Project Manager

Erick Rivas (844) 765-9385

[email protected]

Construction Contractor

Teichert Construction
Francisco Torres
(909) 680-2634
[email protected]

City of Pasadena Public Works

(626) 744-4195


You May Notice a Natural Gas Odor

To perform this work safely, the operation may require a controlled release of natural gas. We encourage anyone who has concerns to call us at 1-800-427-2200. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We strive to provide continuous natural gas service for our customers while the construction activities are taking place. Your natural gas service should continue without interruption. If that changes, a SoCalGas representative will notify you.


Pasadena Lake Mt Map